Commander Sweden suspected of disclosing state secrets

Sweden scandal erupted because of the statement of Supreme Commander Sverker Yoransona country that in the event of a Russian attack on this country and Sweden did not hold out a week. The prosecutor’s office decided to punish the commander for the disclosure of information of national importance. This writes Postimees.

"We have never been armed so hard to resist the Soviet Union itself, or Russia. We are in any case going to need help from the outside — NATO or the United States. But our politicians do not allow the militarization of society, so that we can reflect on their own threat from the East "- allegedly said in an interview Yoranson Svenska Dagbladet on the eve of the New Year.

The persuasiveness of their arguments Yoranson decided to back a reminder of the Russian-Georgian war in 2008. According to Svenska Dagbladet, the conflict showed that the revision of borders in Europe can happen for a military scenario, especially because under Vladimir Putin’s an enormous rearmament of the Russian army.

Newspaper "Kommersant" writes in his turn Tuesday that the statement Yoransona plunged the country’s leadership "in shock."

"This information is important for states opposed to Sweden," — said the head of the Chamber of Public Prosecutions of the State Security Tomas Lindstrand, requiring investigate Yoransona statements, which, in his opinion, referred to the private data vinoborony.

In this Lindstrand did not refute the thesis chief that Russia remains for Sweden "main enemy."

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