Commissioned a coal mine May Day (Kuzbass)

May 3 Prokopyevsky district of the Kemerovo region Holding Company "Siberian Business Union" has commissioned cut "May Day" Russia’s first coal mine capacity of 15 million tons of coal a year.

"May Day", built in record time — in just a year and a half. During this time, ready to work the coal seam number 10 — the most powerful of the six layers, which are planned for mining (its average thickness — 8 meters). In the preparation of the formation to work at the new plant were removed and transferred to a dump 6000000 600 thousand cubic meters of rock (for the transport of all this stripping it would take 100,000 rail wagons). Built high-voltage transmission line and two substations. 

For efficient operation of the section already purchased a high-performance equipment of Russian and foreign production. In addition, in the village of October the company repurchased an abandoned building and held their complete reconstruction, in fact, newly built administrative and utility plant and a dormitory for 50 people — for those who work in shifts.

In addition to the settlement company has built and populated the 10 semi-detached houses, which has become home workers cut. Moreover, the purchase of apartments in these cottages have received from the people of superlgotnye loans without interest, no down payment, for a period of 10 years. In addition, the "SDS" set a fixed price for apartments that will not change over the life of the loan, that is, for 10 years.

Also in May, the company began the reconstruction of the October kindergarten with 70 seats. It will be opened by the Miner’s Day in August.

In general, the construction of a new venture company invested 3000000000 rubles. Until the end of 2012 will be invested more 3000000000 rubles.

In the new section will be produced thermal coal "D" grade, which is in great demand both within the country and abroad. This coal is going to thermal power plants, mainly in the European market, especially in England.

Industrial reserves of coal from the amount of 520 million tons, will be sufficient for 60 years of continuous operation. This year will produce 3 million tons. And in 2016, the company should reach its full capacity — 15 million tons of coal a year. And then the cut "Day" will be the most powerful cut introduced in the modern history of Russia in the last 20 years.

The Governor thanked the company for the state’s approach to environmental issues that inevitably arise in coal mining. Thus, the cut will be applied system of internal stacking. That is, under such a system does not waste rock dumped on the board of the cut, as is done frequently, and it is filled with waste sites. In fact, even during the operation of the enterprise will soon be partial reclamation. Thus, after the end of the cut in the district Prokopievsky appears another moonscape. In addition, the cut will be applied cyclically-line technology for the transportation of overburden and Otway-education, ie move the rock goes through the pipeline, and will not be transported BeLAZ. This reduces the load on the environment, because it is on the order of less exhaust gases and dust from the working machine.

Already on the cut "Day" created 670 new jobs. Plus, the 2017 is planned to have one thousand 300. Wages on average — 35 thousand rubles, which is about 2,000 rubles more than the average for the Kuzbass coal industry. And in 2013 it is planned to increase wages cut — almost a third: drivers BelAZ and excavator operator will receive and 50, and 60 thousand rubles.

Today’s commissioning of a cut "Day" — is only the first phase of construction of modern mining company, which will operate a range of mining, processing and transportation of coal.

By 2013, the company plans to set up a complete infrastructure section of this set: to build a railway station with access to the Terentevskaya length of 20 km (2 billion of investment), the loading station Day on the cut (500 million rubles)., Technological way cut "Day" — Art. Terentevskaya length of 29 km (300 million rubles.).

In 2013, the cut will begin construction of the processing plant to process 6 million tons of raw coal (to be commissioned in 2015). In total, the development of a cut "Day" until 2017, the company will invest 16 billion rubles (of which 13 billion for the purchase of equipment).

Overall, the 2012 mine and cuts "SDS-coal" plan to produce 28 million tons of fuel — 40% more than in 2011. Also this year will be commissioned concentrator "Chernigov-Coke" (Berezovsky) processing capacity of 4.5 million tons of raw coal a year (the amount of investments — RUB 5 billion) to build a rail junction to the stations’ Terentevskaya "and" RP Listvjazhnaja "(1.6 billion rubles). Plus the company "SDS" will develop their social housing programs, kindergartens, etc.

January 24, 2012 in Kemerovo approved the program of development of coal industry of Russia until 2030. This program includes the development and strategy of Kuzbass coal industry until 2025. According to the approved program in the next 15 years Kuzbass plans to build 38 world-class companies in mining and processing of coal (15 mines, of sections 7 and 16 processing plants).

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