Commissioned a new hydroelectric power plant on the Lesogorskaya

September 14th, 2012 at Lesogorskaya HPP JSC "TGC-1" in the Leningrad Region commissioned a new hydroelectric capacity of 29.5 MW. After putting the equipment into operation the total power stations has increased to 112 MW.

In ceremonies attended by General Director of JSC "TGC-1" Andrei Filippov, Leningrad Region Governor Alexander Drozdenko, corporate executives, contractors and energy companies in the region. Was also set another element of the monument "Group Vuoksinskie cascade hydroelectric power plant TGC-1", opened in July 2010.

"Today was a very important event for the region, in the future we would like to all energy Leningrad region have invested part of the profit in the reorganization of production, — said Alexander Drozdenko. — We saw a perfect example of today, when the capacity of the plant increased without expanding its area. "

 "For us it is a great success and victory — said Andrey Filippov. — With the commissioning of the third of four units Lesogorskaya plant we come to the final stage of completion of the reconstruction of the Cascade Vuoksinskie power plant ". 

Hydro unit number 3 Lesogorskaya HPP — the sixth, entered into service in the stations of the Cascade Vuoksinskie plant since the start of the comprehensive reconstruction. The project will upgrade the Cascade provides a complete replacement of the eight hydroelectric.

In the process of designing and installing a new hydro applied in practice by a number of unparalleled technical solutions, the station is equipped with automated process control systems. In addition, the new turbine — one of the most environmentally friendly in its class. Its design allows for the need to eliminate the possibility of getting into the flow of crude oil part.

In addition to increasing the capacity and efficiency of the generating equipment to ensure it is functioning with minimal loss of power generation is replaced by the switchgear 110 kV Lesogorskaya plant and mechanical equipment water intake. During the reconstruction of indoor switchgear (ISG) Lesogorskaya plant was divided into three (3) parts of the phased shutdown, replacement and inclusion of each of the parts and then combining them. Updating the ISG will end when you type in the reconstruction of the last of the fourth hydroelectric station. 

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