Commissioned a new unit in Omsk TEC-3

Nearly ten percent increase from today total power energy system of the Omsk region. Increase generation capacity has provided start-up meeting international technical and environmental standards PGU-90 TPS-3 TGK-11.

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Its installed capacity of 90 MW, heat — 50 Gcal / h As a result of the generation of Omsk HPP-3 increased to 460 MW, and the total capacity of the entire system of Omsk — up to 1,585 MW.

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An important feature of this project — installation of complicated equipment is made in the existing main building of the CHP-3, surrounded by existing equipment.

New capacity Omsk HPP-3 would reduce the power shortage in the region, to ensure reliable heat built housing estates and large petrochemical complex Omsk. This is the first major energy facility built in the region over the past 20 years.

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Today, three of Omsk CHP address the needs of the region’s electricity by an average of 70 percent. The deficit is covered by the proceeds of its thermal power plants Ekibastuz / Pavlodar region of the Republic of Kazakhstan /.


For the record:

The cost of construction:

4.6 billion rubles.

Basic equipment:

• Two types of gas turbines LM2500 + G4 DLE, the nominal electrical output of 31.14 MW, the manufacturer General Electric Energy, Houston (GE);

• Two of the recovery boiler type E 38.3 / 8,1-5,5 / 0,63-521 / 230 two pressures, the producer of "EMA";

• Steam turbine unit of the T 20/22-5, 5/0, 08, the nominal electrical output of 23.8 MW (in condensing mode), the producer of "Kaluga Turbine Plant".


The new unit in Omsk TEC-3 is one of the most modern and efficient in its class. The project provides a significant reduction in the permissible levels of harmful emissions into the atmosphere and a modern, safe water supply scheme.

Commissioning of the CCGT capacity of 90 MW will increase the total installed electrical capacity of the Omsk HPP-3 to 460 MW and thermal power to 1480 Gcal / h.


Key indicators of PGU-90:

• Guaranteed power capacity — 90 MW;

• Electric power efficiency — 49.5%;

• Load factor — 86.76%.

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