Commissioned in ice complex Lada-Arena

August 1 in Togliatti was commissioned ice complex "Lada-Arena", built at the expense of the regional budget.

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Ice complex includes the main ice arena at the 6122 visual spaces and a training rink (small arena) — for 456 spectators, as well as underground parking and outdoor parking. Overall its area is 34,107.9 square meters. meters, the total estimated cost of the project — 2,967,826,280 rubles.

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Ice Arena is universal, it is designed to hold as sporting events (hockey matches of international level competitions in figure skating, volleyball and basketball), and cultural and recreational events (concerts, exhibitions, shows, etc.). The opening of the ice complex "Lada-Arena" will give impetus to the revival of not only hockey, but the entire sports life in the region.

Already on August 9 at 17:00 "Lada-Arena" will take its first visitors. Start ultramodern palace is dedicated to the Athlete’s Day and the traditional hockey tournament "Cup of LADA».

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For spectators prepared an exciting program: they will meet a brass band to entertain "living sculpture" and "clowns", anyone can try their hand at different sports at the set in the foyer of the attractions. And during the ceremony the audience will see a colorful laser show on the ice and the ice hockey match. In the opening match Togliatti "Lada" takes "Navy-Karelia", St. Petersburg.

And another little piece of news from the impurity of the world of sports.

Yesterday in the Park Central area of Togliatti was the opening of free playground with specialized training device STREET WORKOUT.

Help STREET WORKOUT translates to English as "street training". Implies a variety of exercises to perform all sorts of projectiles: horizontal bars, wall bars, parallel bars, stairs. However, it is possible even without them — just on the ground.

Who came to the opening of the venue fans of "street training" immediately began to actively test the established shells. They willingly joined by young people from the crowd. Not afraid to try out the site and very young athletes, so far accompanied by an adult. But still to come.

The main purpose STREET WORKOUT — prove that you can play sports without much expense. As they say — it would wish. A great physical shape guys who have this type of training, clearly proves their effectiveness.

"I started STREET WORKOUTom year ago. I loved it. Every normal man must be strong, to be able to catch up to, for example, be able to protect the woman, "- shared one of the athletes Damir Abubekerov.

"I’ve been doing this sport for about three years. I can catch up 30 times, 50 times more push-ups on the bars. He came into the sport by accident. I saw this video and wanted to know how well ", — said Paul Ishin, the winner of the street competition.

Competitions in Togliatti among fans STREET WORKOUT while held at the local level — with each other. The judge serves an athlete Sergei Polishchuk.

"I am engaged STREET WORKOUT more than three years. It all started with the fact that I wanted to learn how to perform some Army regulations become stronger. Came across a training video on the Internet and away we go. We periodically become obsolete their street competition. I am speaking as a judge, "- he said.

Be mistaken belief that this type of training for men only. No. Among the activists of this area and have a very young girl. She is only 14 years old, but pulls and perform exercises it is far worse than the boys.

"I was in the sport led to one, to learn everything. I liked it, I began to turn. And I’m not going to stop. At present, I can catch up 21 times, "- said Angelina Lapshina.

Of course, in this sport have regulations and complex elements. But all of that is the lot of competitions. In fact, every workout — it’s an absolute freedom of expression through sport exercises, flight of fancy athlete. And almost no cost. Only a small manifestation of the desire and willpower.

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