Commissioned mother plant breeding complex of the fourth APK-INVEST


Create the fourth pig is part of a strategy to manufacture 600,000 head per year. Its construction began in the spring of this year, and by the end of November in the complex will be transferred to the first animals (breeding stock).

In addition to plant breeding stock breeding complex will include two workshops fattening, each of which is designed for the maintenance of up to 50,000 hogs per year. Statement of the first animals for fattening (trade livestock) is planned for April next year, and by the autumn of 2012 this complex is expected to reach full capacity.
Thus, the total production capacity of APK-INVEST will play up to 400,000 pigs a year.

Is the fourth animal complex on the border of Red Army, and the Constantine region of Donetsk region (p. Ulyanovka, p. Novopoltavka). For the realization of this project will require 350 mln.

The design capacity of 600 thousand heads per year plant will by 2015. The investment value of all areas of livestock in the AIC-Invest is 2,500 mln.

APK-INVEST is by far the national leader in the industrial production of livestock and pork. Capacity expansion livestock complex will allow the company to increase the share of the meat market of Ukraine and thus consolidate its leadership position.

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