Commissioned remodeled station complex in Donetsk

May 21, after an extensive renovation was commissioned in Donetsk railway station complex, reported by the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine.

Department Boris Kolesnikov positioning it as the most modern in the country station complex.

The new complex consists of a complete renovation of the main building of the station, commuter and transit stations, two shopping centers, two concourse, the bus station. 

In addition, the ministry has been completely replaced by the rail infrastructure throughout the plant — installed 15.8 km of track, 83 new turnouts, 417 catenary poles, installed 28.15 miles contact system, upgraded 21 air gunner, about 200 of the lights, laid about 25 km of cable products, upgraded more than 12 km of overhead power lines, etc.

"With the construction of a four-floor transit and commuter train stations are separated by European standards passenger flows in the local and long-distance. Entering the platform for long-distance trains is carried out of a large concourse, which is accessible from Station Square through the" old "terminal or transit through the streets Artyomovskaya Station "- explained in a statement. 

It is worth noting that suburban passengers will enjoy the small concourse, equipped tourniquet system. It will be accessible both from Station Square through the suburban railway station and from the street through the transition Artyomovskaya gallery.

"In fact, this station City, in which the passenger will be the most convenient. Complex increased the number of offices for ticket sales, the size of cash halls, which will reduce queues, improve the quality of passenger service. Several times increase in the number of seats in the rest rooms and waiting rooms "- said in a statement. 

Also in the Ministry of Infrastructure argue that modern information boards make it easy to navigate the station and equipped with elevators and escalators concourse provide full safety of passengers during the transition to the trains. 

Also, referred to in the report, the high commuter platform will create additional comfort when boarding and alighting of passengers, and passengers in the terminal complex will be completely protected from the weather.

According to the agency, now Donetsk railway station at night instead of 15,000 will serve more than 35 million passengers.
For passengers with disabilities are provided with a separate waiting room for people with disabilities, equipped with 6 specialized lifts and 6 escalators, ramps, call buttons cashiers, etc.

However, the bus station was built on the street Artyomovskaya, which will relieve the center of Donetsk from motor vehicles. Station square and the street ARTEMOVSK joined an underground passage.

It is worth emphasizing that the station is extracurricular cargo Donetsk — passes through it three times more freight trains than passenger.


Station of the city of Donetsk built in 1945-1949 years. During this time he was twice in a minor renovations — to improve the aesthetic appearance and environment for passengers, but it was not possible to increase the capacity of the station, both in the servicing of passengers and goods. The new station complex combines two architectural lines — the so-called "Stalinist classicism" and "modern high-tech."

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