Commissioned the first phase of the Vladimir Crane Works


November 30. Moscow CJSC "Bashkransnab" put into operation the first stage of production of Vladimir Crane Works (BK3) production capacity of 250-250 high-rise tower cranes or 10,000 tons of steel per year.
"Bashkransnab" started construction of IBD in 2009. Built building with an area of 6,000 square meters.
As reported at the opening ceremony on Wednesday, general director of "Bashkransnab" Sergei pockmarked, investments amounted to 200 million rubles.
In 2012, the plant plans to reach production capacity of the first stage.

The total investment up to 2015 should amount to 1.2 billion rubles, production capacity — 600 cranes per year, or 30,000 tons of steel bearing steel per year. The annual revenue of the enterprise 2-2.5 billion.

IBD is specialized in the production of retractable tower cranes for structures up to 100 meters, carrying up to 10 tons and a boom length of 60 meters, as well as manufactures metal structures for highway bridges span of 60-80 meters and the steel supporting structures for modular prefabricated metal buildings for different destination.

Currently, assembling and welding of crane comes in manual and semi-automatic mode. In 2012, the company plans to buy equipment — installation of flame cutting of metals, automatic submerged arc welding line, a line of cleaning and painting of metal structures. For these purposes will be allocated 200 million rubles. In addition, in 2012, will be invested another 200 million rubles in the production building and equipping of the gasket missing Communications — gas pipes, heating systems, ventilation systems, said the CEO.

According to RIA Novosti General Director of CJSC "Bashkransnab", the company is engaged in sale of cranes in China, "but we decided to build its own production, as it is more economical." Now Russia produced about 60 cranes a year, only a few companies that collect cranes in Russia and they are now in a precarious financial position. "Our products will be in demand, as before the crisis, our company is imported about 300 cranes in a year," said pockmarked.

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