Commissioned the GA-5 at the Cascade HPP Vuoksinskie

On Svetogorskaya hydroelectric power plant cascade Vuoksinskie JSC "TGC-1? commissioned hydroelectric (№ 4) capacity of 30.5 MW. This is the fifth new turbine cascade, installed on the draft comprehensive reconstruction 8 Lesogorskaya and Svetogorskaya hydroelectric power plant, the press service of TGC-1.


Modern technology has enabled the management of the equipment of the turbine start-up of the central office of JSC "TGC-1? in St. Petersburg, 180 kilometers from the station.

When replacing hydroelectric stations Vuoksinskaya cascade hydropower TGC-1 applies technical solutions, many of which have no analogues in Russia and abroad. From an environmental point of view, the new turbine power plant Lesogorskaya Svetogorskaya and are considered the safest in the country — a unique seal assembly impeller eliminates the possibility of leaks, turbine oil into the river.

The power and efficiency of the new units have increased significantly by increasing the number of impeller blades and a specially designed mechanism of rotation of turbine blades. This new units placed in existing building structures.

The equipment used in the project, mainly in Russia. As the General Director of JSC "TGC-1? Andrei Filippov, "place today hydropower units produced in the 30’s and 40’s of last century, is at the forefront of the domestic power designs. New machines, having a third more power with modern automated control systems and virtually eliminates the impact of hydropower on the environment — this is the future of energy in the region. "

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