Commissioned three major transport infrastructure Petersburg

Dec. 29 in St. Petersburg commissioned three objects of transport infrastructure. Open Phase 2 Parachute street from Dolgoozernaya to the Ring Road (KAD) and two roundabouts on the ring road — from Parachute street and to the Western High-Speed Diameter (WHSD).

First and foremost to continue Parachute street was opened a year ago. By then it could go on only one side of the ring road. Now, the track has become a six-lane, and go through the roundabout and drive on the street can Parachuting in all directions. In addition, it equipped with sidewalks and bikeways. The commissioning of the facilities will reduce the transport intensity in all the northern districts of the city, especially in the fast-Seaside area. Will be freer to Vyborg and Seaside highway. As the governor said, the city has fulfilled its commitment to the creation of transport infrastructure to strategic investors — companies "Nissan" and "Hyundai". Factories Industrial Zone "Kamenka", as well as companies — residents of the special economic zone enterprises were trips to the Ring Road and federal highways.


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