Communication in the service of the state: an interview with the Hero of Russia Eduard Ostrovsky

In the November issue of the "Standard" published an interview with Lt. Gen. Edward Ostrowski Hero of Russia. Military communicator with more than 50 years of experience, the creator of a fundamentally new system of closed cellular ideologist of the national inter-ministerial system of professional mobile radio communications, told the magazine about what he sees a connection to the service of the state, as well as the history of the formation and development of the company "Tetrasvyaz" as federal services of a professional radio operator.
On the eve of the elections Edward G., who participated in the communication of polling stations in the Chechen Republic, shared his thoughts on what is the connection needed by the state and the President.
Excerpts from the interview

Did you take part in the presidential elections. Can the eve of the 2012 elections to share memories?
I participated in the elections in the Chechen Republic twice: in 1996, when the presidency of Boris Yeltsin won, and in 2000 — then became President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. It was necessary to provide communication in all the polling stations, and there were more than 300. At that time it was very difficult, because many communication nodes and exchanges in the district centers were destroyed, were also destroyed the link between regional centers. We had to concentrate all signalers agencies, including law enforcement, which allowed for communication of the Republican Electoral Commission with all the polling stations. Since a prerequisite for the election to be valid, has been completed.

In 2000, I was an eyewitness to this: the people in the Chechen Republic were going to vote at the polling stations on foot for many miles, because they believed that their votes will help end the war, secure the peace and tranquility on their home ground. And so it happened afterwards.

What is the connection needed by the state, the President today?
In modern conditions, communication — the primary means of governing the country, and in the election of its role has increased. I am sure that during the elections of deputies to the State Duma and presidential elections in the Russian Federation will use all the most modern forms of communication and television as well — automated information transfer system, highlighting in real time the progress of voting across Russia to help ensure that this important and complex state task.

The full text of the interview Edward Ostrowski can be found in the magazine "Standard» (№ 11, November) or on the official website of "Tetrasvyaz" in the "Publications" section.

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