Company CHETRA — Industrial machinery supplied loaders

in Krasnodar region

Following the exhibition YugBuild-2013, which ended in Krasnodar, in the beginning of March 2013, the company "CHETRA — Industrial Machinery" delivered the first mini-truck CHETRA MKSM Serie A dealer in the Krasnodar region — the company "Kominvest-ACMT."

The delivery was carried out as part of a special offer on the mini-loaders CHETRA MKSM 800 A-1 and their modifications, which operates from 19 February to 29 March 2013, and provides additional discount on new equipment.
Every day, as part of the exhibition from February 27 to March 2, 2013 loaders CHETRA reproduced elements of the show, "Dance of the Little Swans", which was first shown in the "Minute of Fame is sweeping the country," demonstrating the difference between domestic loaders old and new generation .

Skid Steer CHETRA MKSM Serie A, produced by JSC "Sarex" are different from previous generation machines new ergonomic design, increased review cockpit, improved performance characteristics, ease of maintenance and reduced noise levels.
Upgraded new series trucks have side chain drives driven by a hydraulic motor, built-in power design frame. The power unit trucks is a tandem hydraulic pump company EATON, mounted on the engine through the clutch, while providing a cold start time of the year.

The hydraulic system is designed from modern components that have a 3-year warranty. Technical characteristics of the hydraulic system for high performance cars, and not only in line with those that are leaders in the global market of foreign producers, but also to exceed them through adaptation to Russian conditions of operation.
Within YugBuild-2013 during the show CHETRA MKSM technique using the joystick controls the employee of "Sarex", demonstrating the simplicity of driving new items of domestic engineering.

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