Company EleSy (Tomsk) has opened a new high-tech manufacturing

June 7 EleSy company opened a new line of serial production of high-quality innovative products.

New frequency inverters for elevators are not inferior in quality to the imported, but it is cheaper by 10-15 percent. Tomsk frequency converters are integrated into the modern board of elevators, as well as used for the renovation of old elevators with local control stations, including relay automatics.

Assess the quality and consumer properties of products manufacturers have been able to lift and the lift and installation of Management in Moscow, Saratov, Penza, Samara.

The company is actively engaged with EleSy Tomsk now "Sibelectromotor," and to-order manufacturers winches are full supply: Power and frequency converter.

If you have previously "EleSy" produced 20-30 converters per month, with the launch of a new line in the month they will be no less than 200 pieces, all of which have already claimed customers.

Start of production was made possible thanks to the victory of the competition in the Tomsk region to receive commercial organizations grants for reimbursement of costs associated with the implementation of innovative projects to develop high-tech industries. The company "EleSy" has received over 4 million rubles subsidies that went to the recovery of 50% of the costs to perform research and development.

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