Company Energy Company Alliance implemented a project for the construction and delivery of the energy complex for a major Russian company.

Company "Energy Company" Alliance "implemented a project for the construction and delivery of the energy complex for a major Russian company. Scope of supply includes two diesel power "Alliance of EC-A-R400-2" and four power "Alliance EC-P650-A-2," The total capacity of the complex is 3.4 MW. Company "Energy Company" Alliance "is also performed the design, construction and commissioning.

Company "Energy Company" Alliance ", which belongs to the" Alliance ", specializes in integrated energy solutions for oil and gas industries, industrial facilities and telecommunications sectors, infrastructure, housing and utilities. The company provides a full range of services for the construction of power plants of any degree of complexity based on diesel and gas engines. The compound of scientific innovation and service expertise of the company "Alliance" ensures the quality and efficiency of energy projects of any complexity.

The company’s goal — to offer customers efficient integrated solutions and equipment for the energy business and life.

The company specializes in:

* • The development of integrated solutions in the field of decentralized energy;
* • Construction of power facilities and delivery of "turn-key";
* • Energy audit;
* • Distribution in Russia and the CIS energy equipment the best international and domestic manufacturers;
* • Staff training in the training center of the company;
* • Warranty and post-warranty service.

The implementation of projects for the construction of electric and thermal power plants "turnkey" allows you to:

* • Increase the reliability of power — and heat.
* • Improve energy security of the village or industrial enterprise.
* • Reduce losses and transmission costs of electricity and heat.

When choosing a company "Alliance" as the general contractor for the project, the client receives the following benefits:

* • The implementation of a full range of design and construction of thermal power plants "turnkey" supply of main generating equipment.
* • Support of equipment: the company has a dealership to supply equipment shall have full access to change the attitudes and characteristics of the equipment, which significantly reduces maintenance costs compared with direct contacts with suppliers.
* • Brief periods of recovery efficiency of the supplied equipment during warranty and post-warranty period due to the existing network of service centers in the regions of Russia with enough highly qualified service engineers. Having our own fleet of spare parts for various engines.

The main services and activities undertaken by the service center of the company "Alliance":

* • Perform all necessary maintenance work related to the maintenance of equipment and the provision of related services;
* • Delivery of spare parts from warehouses in the regions;
* • Unscheduled maintenance of facilities;
* • If necessary (in accordance with the wishes of the customer), the company can take a decision on the operation of the energy complex issues in general: the equipment of transformer substations and switchgear, power DC power supply, uninterruptible power supply, boiler equipment, network engineering.

The company produces:

* • Power plants container diesel series "ALLIANCE-EC-A" and gas-fired a series of "ALLIANCE-EK-A-GP";
* • Combined power plants with heat recovery;
* • Modular boilers;
* • Shields auxiliary diesel generator and power plants;
* • Shields automatically capture and manage the reserve;
* • automatic control panels DSU.

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