Company Hydrogas (Voronezh) has launched a specialized foundry

Voronezh JSC "Hydrogas" — modern diversified industrial company. The plant produces more than 1,400 types of products (pumps, valves and control valves, chemical tank equipment, installations and facilities for various purposes)

December 20, JSC "Hydrogas" started a modern specialized production for the manufacture of castings made of carbon, low alloy, corrosion-resistant steel, gray and ductile iron castings with weight from 1.5 to 700 kg.

The new production includes a full technological cycle of casting and gives an opportunity to produce castings up to eighth grade accuracy in accordance with GOST 26645, with high surface quality with minimal time and cost.

During the manufacturing process used a number of modern advanced technologies, such as:

-manufacturing of equipment for CNC machines;

-Computer simulation of casting processes;

-molding using a cold-hardening mixtures (alpha-set process) based on the automated molding line;

-flaskless pouring molten metal in modern induction furnaces;

-cleaning air from residual phenol and formaldehyde using Abha Position-30;

-Regeneration of spent sand to install "FTL Fountry Equipment".




Factory "Hydrogas" today — is one of the largest chemical engineering Russia. The factory is located in the industrial zone of left-bank part of the city of Voronezh. The technological base of the plant was designed for the production of complex high technology equipment and includes a vicious cycle of modern production technologies as machinery and electronic products.

In recent years, the plant "Hydrogas" dynamic development, the annual output growth and investment in the reconstruction of the company is 25 to 55%. The company has a stable economic situation, there is no tax, and other accounts payable, wages higher than the industry average, good conditions of work and rest of workers. The company has positioned itself in the market as a factory producing special equipment manufacturing small and medium sized for extreme conditions, including valves for the chemical industry.

To date, the Company "Hydrogas" has commissioned a total capacity of water treatment equipment in hundreds of cubic meters per hour in power, metallurgy, electronics, oil and gas and other industries. Existence of its own production base (more than 50,000 square meters. Meters of production space) and powerful design and engineering services allows for the implementation of projects of any complexity.

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