Company of Heroes 2 is removed from the market in Russia and CIS

I could not pass up such an event. In general, judge for yourself.

Today, the company "1C-SoftKlab" announced that stops the sale strategy Company of Heroes 2 on the territory of Russia. Of course, such things have happened before, but usually they were related to the conflict of legal entities — publishers, developers, distributors or sellers. Now everything is different — Sales Company of Heroes 2 was stopped at the request of ordinary players.

Here is what they write about it on the official site "1C-SoftKlab": "In connection with messages from users who consider unacceptable number of episodes of the game, the company" 1C-SoftKlab "chose c 26 July 2013 to stop selling PC game Company of Heroes 2 (developer — Relic Entertainment, publisher — SEGA ) in the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS. At the moment we are analyzing the situation and inform the developer and publisher of Company of Heroes 2 ‘. We asked for comments to the members of the "1C-SoftKlab," but they are not yet ready to share more information. However, the publishers asked for patience and promised soon to answer our questions.

Company of Heroes 2, which tells of the battles on the Eastern Front of WWII, immediately after the release criticized for distorting historical facts. At the end of July on the site appeared revealing article. "It’s just trash and waste. The game shows how the Soviet soldiers completely pointless (even from a military point of view) burn the house to the Soviet people, and besmyslenno (even from a military point of view) are burned alive by soldiers in the field, watered gasoline has shot (playing the role of detachments) Soviet soldiers and other. In short, Mikhalkov’s movie — it’s just a patriotic stuff, if you compare this game to inflame anti-Soviet slander and Soviet troops "- wrote the author.

Those who share this view, urged to sign a petition demanding a ban on sale of Company of Heroes 2 in the CIS, addressed to "1C-SoftKlab" administration Steam. Then, many saw it as yet another freak, but contrary to the skeptics publishers have listened to the views of users. Note that the calls Valve has not yet reacted — Company of Heroes 2 is still available on Steam.

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