Company Sukhoi was the country’s largest aircraft manufacturer

OJSC "Company" Sukhoi "completed all the stages of merger of three subsidiaries
— JSC "Sukhoi", JSC "KnAAPO them. YA Gagarin "and JSC" NAPO. VP Chkalov "and received a notice of termination from 1 January 2013 the activities of these companies as separate legal entities

The structure of a single legal entity now come in as branches

Novosibirsk Aviation Plant. VP Chkalov,

Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Plant. YA Gagarin,

EDO "Sukhoi", as well as

Representations in the Republic of India, Vietnam and China.

  • Logo JSC "Sukhoi Company"
  • Logo JSC "Sukhoi Company"

The consolidation of the business and the transition to a functional organizational design and management structure of a single legal entity guarantees the company "Sukhoi" long-term strategic development. Creation of a single legal entity will form a complete vertically integrated company, streamline the corporate structure to increase efficiency, to form a single center of decision-making on operational activities.

Centralized management of investment decisions to maximize the return on your investment, improve the quality of corporate governance. Reduce costs by reducing the cost of operations between the structural units of the company, optimizing its strength. Will actively develop domestic industrial cooperation, increase the efficiency of interaction with subcontractors, which favorably affect the cost of production and the timing of orders for production and delivery of aircraft. More effective the implementation of knowledge-intensive, long-term R & D in the field of military and civil aviation.

Creating a single company "Sukhoi" globally will give a new impetus to the development not only of its production capacity, but also the Russian aircraft as a whole, will allow domestic military and civil aircraft to take its rightful place on the world market. United Aircraft Corporation will receive a single performer for the whole range of products and services that significantly improve the planning and implementation of the state defense order, the production of civil aircraft, according to a press release of the company "Sukhoi" ..



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