COMPANY «Textron» creating small UAV-BOMB

Textron Defense Systems company for the benefit of annual Air Force Association conference in Washington (DC) showed a new drone, which is designed to explode when it detects enemy positions.
Compact UAV BattleHawk stuffed with 40-mm fragmentation ammunition. Through the nasal chamber built fighters can operate it with hills or rooftops to attack enemy forces had taken refuge.
BattleHawk to transport and launch container weighs around 5 pounds. Resettled motor unit with a rear pusher propeller.
From small remote control can control the UAV fighters, can reach speeds up to 60 miles per hour and duration of flight about 30 minutes. BattleHawk is open to attack enemy personnel and lightly armored targets.
According to the representative of Textron, the U.S. Special Operations Command has shown interest in carbon fiber flying ammunition. Textron hopes to deliver them and the ordinary infantry divisions.
Representatives of the «Textron» did not disclose the price BattleHawk, but pronounced that they will cost «significantly less» than the classic UAV similar size.

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