Comparison of the rate of development of Saudi Arabia and Russia for 10 years



To once and for all, to try to close the argument liberastov "Russia has got out through the oil prices" will bring such a text, written 4 years ago, but still relevant.

This is such a common argument that I decided to check if they are. By comparing with other oil producing countries.


Let’s take Russia and Saudi Arabia, a sample of 1999. Arabia sharply tremendously just different — for the better:

Produces much more oil (1.5 times more than Russia), the first in the world in the export. And it sells more expensive (prices are not higher than saudovsukuyu oil on urals).

Plus, besides the Saudis are shipping oil supertankers themselves driven to consumers, and Russia is forced to pump through the pipes and a bunch of middlemen and mites in the face: Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, the Baltic states, and so on, and everyone has his own ambition by DB.

Again, the Saudis do not have an external debt, Russia is under the burden of debt of the USSR and the young reformers, at $ 150 billion, if not more. Made an annual rate, will decide whether the Russian problem%% payment on the debt in 2001, 2002, 2003 and so on, respectively, all experts agree that "will not solve again and will default."

Saudis have already developed oil industry and super-modern refinery, in contrast to Russia early 00’s — that is, they can sell petrochemicals and petroleum products, getting more value added and profit

Cost of oil production in the desert and Surgut will not compare too, right? However there — dig the sand and splashing fountain already, and we have the cold of -50 to stick six months, through swamps tyschekilometrovye dragging technique …

Saudis have completely nationalized the oil industry and you are no predatory PSA is not in sight. In Russia, thanks to Nemtsov, Yavlinsky and to — is booming predatory Production Sharing Agreement, where the oil is taken directly by Western multinationals leaving us with fig butter (the terms "Russia will poluchtsya income only when the western neftebonzy recoup costs, ie . ever since costs are inflated to the heavens "). Oh yes, our entire oil industry prihvatizirovat Khodorkovsky gang fill his offshore accounts oil billions. The Saudis have no private property in the oil sector — everything goes into the budget.
Need I remind that Yeltsin, young reformers, American advisers and the IMF forced the Russian general to cancel export duties, and Russia early 00’s did not receive money from the sale of oil in a pauper budget? Should I remind you that Khodorkovsky and the company purchased by the Communist Duma took them favorable laws on natural resources? Going to build private pipelines with rachetom that the state could not even have to know how many resources they have taken out, not that that tax them?

Do you remember that even Gazprom why it was in the hands of oligarchs and tycoons little less than full, and they robbed the company so that the selling tens of billions of dollars Gazprom was unprofitable and did not pay on time s / n? Income received from the gas intermediaries and Ukrainian partners in crime — all except the Russian budget. Gazprom, the company was worth a hundred million dollars a pathetic, was unprofitable, could not attract development loans, and nearly 95% of its shares are in the hands of some dark firms and foreigners. Do you remember how President Putin, one of his first cases dismissed Vyahirev / Chernomyrdin, followed by several years of almost daily meetings with the new director, unraveling all of this incredible tangle of small companies, charts, subsidiaries and agents. As a result, 51% of the company came under state control, and then the company went IPO, and then entered the third largest in the world by market capitalization. As a consequence of the return of Gazprom under state control — the company stopped selling gas to Ukraine at a knockdown price and generally dispersed intermediaries. Now Gazprom is not only a world-class company by market capitalization, but also one of the pillars of the Russian economy, it pays taxes to the budget, gasifies country, is sponsoring the Olympics and even considered part of the instrument of influence in Europe. I recall in ’99 it is not clear who owned Gazprom and was deeply unprofitable.

Do you remember how Khodorkovsky killed Nefteyugansk mayor when he demanded that Yukos pay and even what some local taxes? Do I need to remind about the schemes they used when all the oil Yukos sold on the penny the price of its "daughter", showing a loss and not paying any taxes. A daughter, then sell that oil at world prices, taking away all of the profits to offshore. These were the realities of the early 00’s.

But to return to Saudi Arabia of 1999. Saudis do not contain SRF, million-man army, nuclear submarines, thousands of tanks, bombers and so on. They do not need to protect the world’s longest border.

They do not lead the civil war in Chechnya and does not suffer from separatism Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Kalmykia, etc. In contrast to Russia, which is not separatists from taxes, and a hemorrhoid.

They actually have their "5th column" and controlled by the west media. All of the media heavily censored and controlled by the king. Saudis have not been and is not pricked their disloyal oligarchs. As in Russia in the early 00’s all the media were controlled exclusively wealthy clans still remember, I hope?

Do not have the Saudis banditry and theft, which engulfed Russia by the end of the 90s, when all the problems were solved, "the arrows" or a soldering iron in the ass. When and explosions in the center of Moscow were commonplace.

We all pay taxes to the Saudis — in Russia as a mass non-payment of taxes — solid black money and s / n in envelopes.

Saudi army — perhaps the strongest in the Middle East, after Israel. The combat readiness of the Russian army as early 00’s was assessed by Western experts as 46th in the world. When the second Chechen, Russian, having a million-strong army, collected combat-ready units and equipment — literally, bit by bit, from all corners of the country. When the army managed to destroy eltsinoidov with astonishing speed.

At the Saudis were not (or not) of the moral decadence in the society where every two Russians want to emigrate to them, "the horror."

Saudis have no ethnic strife, the dominance of the problems of "black" arrogant "come in large numbers"

Saudis have no consciousness of fracture of the older generation that all life believed in communism, and now forced to collect bottles and I look zomboyaschie about "the image of nothing all thirst"

The Arabs did not dream of becoming whores "Confusing" or thugs, "to hold a stall." They do not have to put massive iron doors to each apartment. Tremble at the sight on the roads tinted Meurs. Do not know if you have something to eat tomorrow, and how to feed children. They do not run the pack of hungry dogs on the streets, do not fall for the aircraft and the aircraft they are not in danger of tomorrow to face torture "black realtors." They do not sell "shares of MMM" and not "charge" the water through the TV screen.

Saudis have not and this infinite spiritual emptiness. If in Russia — the poor Orthodox church, in every theater pustoyuschem sectarian prayers — all over the country flooded the western propagandony Billy Graham, Bhagavadgita and similar heroten. Saudis are the same — center ideology of the Muslim world, and the whole world a billion Arabs in their dreams to go to Mecca. And millions of pilgrims every year there are go
ing to give a charge of Arab spirituality, and leaving their travel money.

They do not have to carry the enormous distances which either country and related logistics costs and power costs, and maintenance of roads in little or less normal state. They do not have any mountains or swamps, no need to build bridges and tunnels, their road does not break the ice in the cracks in the winter — once built and serviced only after 10 years …

Even a small thing: the Saudis have, they have no problem 9-month winter and enormous energy for heating and lighting in the short day. Air conditioners are eaten at times less, and without them dying, sweating alone. They do not have the artic circle. Northern delivery. Extremes of temperature from -40 to +35. They do not have any coats or winter tires.

Saudi Arabia — the world’s respect, and are considered not say words across. No one could blame them in a lack of democracy and will not come to observe the elections. No one sends him to the mission of the IMF and the PACE condemns no one judges them evropeysom in court and did not berate of the State Department. Russia is — humiliated and ridiculed, do not put in a penny and arrogant twit. Laugh that our budget was on par with New York.

In general, take any area of life, from money to morality, from oil production to the rate of profit to the barrel of — all luck for the Arabs, and Russia — on his knees.

Thus, Saudi Arabia early 2000s has great advantage over Russia at the beginning of "the era of rising prices."

Now let us see what is the economic successes achieved Saudi Arabia after 10 years of record-high oil prices. After having such advantages, she could not get a bigger profit from the "only prices rose, many do not mind" — (remember the mantra liberastov? Keep it in mind)

Cash Saudis GDP in nominal terms increased by 2.5 times.
Foreign exchange reserves: a lightly … with $ 22 billion in 2004 to $ 31 billion in 2007 (now probably a little more)
The economy is diversified and not entirely dependent on oil. Technology exports absent. Shares are not growing at all, and no exchanges. Stabilization Fund is not. Science does not. Art? A movie? Plants? nothing as there was no, or not.
All the money I suppose, eaten away sheikhs (stupidly invested in the U.S. stock market, and the remains of buying Mercedes cars and gold bowls).

Total: record oil prices Saudis just pissed away. Well, of course, began to live a little richer, built a couple of cool hotels and libraries. And that’s it.

Let’s look at Russia in 10 years. Money GDP grew at nine raz.V 1999, Russia’s GDP was $ 188 billion, is now about $ 1.7 trillion
Russian gold and currency reserves grew from $ 20 billion to $ 500 billion, plus our stabilization fund and against reserves, almost as much.
The budget is not dependent on oil for 50% and 21%. The budget has grown from $ 20 billion to $ 350 billion
Russia ranks 2nd in the world in arms, one of the first on space and processing industry in general is clearly on the rise (real growth industry: 40%). Twice the construction of housing. National projects in medicine, education, c / s. Even a grain of Russia began to sell, not buy and increasing exports of this commodity in the same Arabia. The stock market has grown by thousands of%%. Foreign investment will soon reach the size of China. External debt is paid, the debt of 6% of GDP, the best in Europe, if not the world. Army rearming, open Skolkovo, fly again made aircraft, missiles, ships and nuclear power plants are built, etc. and etc.
Morals of society has grown, poliklinniki ponastroili mass Internet held in each school, the birth rate began to rise, not fall (to 2011m for the first time in 20 years has been the growth of the population of 200 thousand), the real estate market — explosive growth.
Army reached 2nd place on combat capability.

Yes, just look around you, what has changed in your personal life for 10 years? yes everything from s / n and ending with the opportunity to travel abroad. Did not notice?

Of course, even after 10 years it is impossible to solve all the problems. Break — not to build. For 10 years, decided the most pressing: separatism, civil war, oligarchic powers robbery, banditry, poverty budget, the oppression of foreign creditors, etc. Deciding acute problems — the country is preparing to tackle the rest: the roads, the standard of living, reduce corruption, etc. and etc. — is it’s not the topic of this comparison.

So, is there only at the large increase in the price of oil has risen to the 10 years of Russia? As the prices began to rise only after 2005,?
If only neftetsenah, then the Saudis must be at least the same economic success, if not better. Rather, they should be much better success, as starting conditions were much better. We have to watch them many times more gold reserves and GDP growth, to monitor the Arab aircraft and nuclear power plants, the Arab Nobel laureates and scientists, observe their ship and tank-building, etc. and etc..
However, they have decades of success, expressed at least in the gross domestic product — at times worse than ours. And the rate of growth of GDP and the growth rate of gold reserves and to diversify the economy and on science and hundreds of other parameters.

Even such a basic parameter of comparison economies such as GDP-PPP-on-the-soul-of the population. 10 years ago, Russia was behind the SA at times. According to the World Bank’s GDP-to-head we had almost caught up with them:

This is despite the fact that the 142 million inhabitants of Russia, while the Saudis — 28. It would seem that they are producing more oil per capita than we — have to swim in income. And over there, it’s like, P.

So, whether for oil has risen Russia?
Answer: Russia rose, faith is just beginning was elevated to a smart economic policy of his government. And the price of oil — just a little help in this

Visitors can compare with any other country, from Canada to the OAU (thanks mirr_novaza collection schedules):

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