Completed a comprehensive test of 220 kV Zeya HPP — Magdagachi

In the Amur region resulted in comprehensive tests of 220 kV "Zeya HPP — Magdagachi" and the reconstructed 220 kV outdoor switchgear 220 kV "Magdagachi", during which the line and substation equipment have been delivered to 72 hours under the operating voltage. Construction and reconstruction performed by OOO "New Engineering Company", which is part of "Energostroyinvest-holding." 

The total length of 220 kV "Zeya HPP — Magdagachi" is 133.6 kilometers. At its route crosses over the land covered in forests, rock outcrops, permafrost and loose soils, flood plains of rivers. The route also crosses overhead federal highway M-58 "Amur", the railway Moscow — Khabarovsk, and Urca and the Zeya River. Because of the difficult terrain on the track has 41 angle.

Construction Manager (Construction Management Group) 220 kV overhead line Zeya HPP — Magdagachi is Andrei Sakharov.

The construction of 220 "Zeya HPP — Magdagachi" is designed to operate at low temperatures and strong wind loads. Protection against direct lightning strikes is suspended optic cable embedded in the ground wire (OPGW) along the entire length of overhead lines, which is also carried on the relationship between the Zeya hydroelectric power station and substation Magdagachi.

Simultaneously with the construction of overhead Ltd. "The new Engineering Company" performed for the reconstruction and expansion of 220 kV to 220 kV "Magdagachi", during which, the substation was installed new equipment systems, relay protection and automation, AMR, information collection and transmission, communication systems.

Appointment of 220 kV Zeya — Magdagachi is to ensure that the power output of the Zeya hydroelectric power stations, as well as increase network capacity in an easterly direction to improve the reliability of electricity supply grid Amur. The customer of a branch of JSC "FGC UES" — MES East

JSC "Holding Energostroyinvest" — the largest builder of main substations and power lines. The company is one of the leading Russian engineering market players engaged in the design, construction, equipment supply, service facilities electricity sector. The structure of "Energostroyinvest-holding" includes design institutes, construction companies, service and commissioning of the enterprise.

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