Completed a cycle of periodic testing of aggregates SSJ 100 aircraft

Experts complex strength TSAGI completed the cycle of periodic tests of controls SSJ 100 aircraft — the elevators and direction, made of composite materials. Work was carried out following the order of "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft".

Tests confirmed the inherent reliability and durability of the design in serial production. In the tests, the controls were applied ultimate load, which they successfully passed.

As part of this work were set up booths, which allowed to test the elevator and rudder in the fin and stabilizer. The staff of the research department of static and thermal resistance data were obtained by elastic deflection during loading and stress state of individual zones of the structure. At the same time were used non-contact laser displacement sensors, which allowed high-precision measurement deflections design. The results of these studies confirm the quality of made in industrial plants units.

Later scheduled periodic testing of controls (aileron) and mechanization (flaps).

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