Completed a large-scale reconstruction of the rail-train number 1

Rail welding train number 1, which is located in the station Predportovaya October Railway, decided to remodel because the first high-speed section is on the line St. Petersburg — Moscow. "In this area we first need the whip continuous welded rail," — said at the opening of the company vice-president of JSC "Russian Railways" Infrastructure Vladimir Vorobyov. 


The main thing in the reconstruction of the fact that the company is now able to take the 100-meter track, intended for laying "velvet" way. Especially for this was increased warehouse space, built hoist ramps, reconstructed driveways.

The train is also equipped with automatic unloading system-supply rails. Furthermore, it was purchased and installed equipment, including press test, modular and mobile offices rough grinding, cutting machines and welding machines. 

According to Vladimir Vorobiev, since 2006, in modernization has invested over 400 million rubles., And taking into account the work to improve the infrastructure and utilities — 1.3 billion rubles. 

The company will only work with a 100-meter rails. As a result, production will increase three times, and the quality will be much better. "Instead of 32 welded joints per kilometer with us there will be only seven. And this is the reliability and security "- said vice-president. 

As a result, by 2013 the company should reach the volume of products that will need to close at least three railroads — October, North and Moscow. 

Now rail welding train outsourced company "RSP-M". According to Vladimir Vorobiev, today Railways is missing its rail welding machines to meet the needs of the railways. It is therefore assumed that the industry will be engaged in the modernization of rail-outsourcers.

This year will not produce the planned laying of about 300 kilometers of continuous welded rail. "Today, approved the concept, and we will upgrade the five companies that will cook hundred-meter rails, and six remain at welding starogodnyh — said General Director of" RSP-M "Kazim Etta. — Here we expect to add another thread to increase production capacity. " 

The plans of JSC "Russian Railways" as the construction of a rail welding Chelyabinsk enterprise with four production lines. 

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