Completed comprehensive testing unit number 2 on the PSU-235

Central boiler Astrakhan

Comprehensive tests have completed pre-launch phase of work on the power unit № 2 PGU-235 boiler Central Astrakhan. Total electric capacity of the new combined-cycle plant of 235 MW of installed thermal capacity of 80 Gcal / h Construction Customer — "LUKOIL-Astrakhanenergo".

On the PGU-235 will be operated by modern high-performance equipment from leading Russian and foreign manufacturers. As part of unit number 2:

  • 2 gas turbines LM6000 PF Sprint manufacturing General Electric (nominal capacity of 47 MW) complete with generators;
  • 2 recovery boiler manufactured by JSC "Energomash" (Belgorod);
  • steam turbine production of "Kaluga Turbine Plant" (nominal capacity of 23 MW) with the generator production of "Neftstalkonstruktsiya" (Lisva).

A similar power generation equipment unit number is 1-235 PSU, which is scheduled to start in the 3rd quarter of this year.

Among the conditions necessary to achieve the design performance efficiency of gas turbines, the company "LUKOIL-Astrakhanenergo" emphasizes the quality of fuel gas. Therefore, in addition to the basic equipment of the second power, was subjected to a thorough inspection process gas treatment system of the Russian company Energaz:

  • booster station of 2 units of type EGSI-S-150/1400 WA;
  • unit of fuel gas Energaz brand GS-FME-4400/12.

At PSU-235 is scheduled to achieve efficiency on electricity supply 55.34%, the efficiency of delivery of thermal energy of 99.44%. In addition to increased efficiency, new energy facility is much more environmentally friendly compared to previous thermal power plants.

The modern combined-cycle technology will enable a factor of 1.5 to reduce fuel consumption for electricity production and almost 3 times lower harmful emissions. The production process is fully automated on the PSU and will meet all requirements for safety and reliability.

By generating capacity will provide sustainable electricity and heat supply enterprises and residential areas of Astrakhan, expand energy opportunities for investment in the region’s economy.

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