completed development testing of the new engine for non-nuclear submarines


Russia completes the test bench model is fundamentally a new engine for submarines — airindependent power plant (VNEU) — and is preparing to build a prototype, said in an interview with RIA Novosti CEO "Sevmash" and the Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering (CDB ME) "Ruby" Andrew Diachkov.
Earlier, a senior official of the Main Staff of the Russian Navy told RIA Novosti that Russia intends in the future to build a boat with a radically new power plant. Now all of Russia‘s non-nuclear submarines run on diesel engines.
"Ruby" is a lot of work to create VNEU with electrochemical generator. We are almost complete bench test sample. In December of this year, the project is planned to show the delegation of India, "- said Diachkov.
According to him, experts CDB ME "Rubin" confirmed the technical feasibility of producing hydrogen on board the boat. "This scheme does not store hydrogen on board, as the Germans, and to produce it on board," — said the chief designer of the "Rubin".
In addition, he said, promising Russian VNEU allows the use of standard diesel fuel and requires no complex onshore services. "However, it has no moving parts, that is, in terms of acoustics, we have a great advantage," — said Diachkov.
He also said that the implementation of such a major project as the creation VNEU necessary in the future to develop a federal program. "Because the next" Ruby "to do a prototype, but it’s very expensive, or need to carry out this work in collaboration with other companies," — said Diachkov.

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