Completed factory testing light aircraft Alex-251

JSC "Aviatik-Alliance" completed test light twin-engine multi-role aircraft "Alex-251," said "AviaPort" company director Alex Tantsyrev. According to him, during factory tests of the plane is fully confirmed the design characteristics and performance. "He normally goes to hydroplaning," leopard "no. Spite of this, of course, there’s a lot of work, but no criticisms" — said A.Tantsyrev.

 During the tests worked fine and powerplant of two engines Lom-Praha M332S rated at 170 hp Nevertheless, an increase of engine power to the propulsion 220-240 hp it would be appropriate, since the plane was somewhat "peretyazhelen" in the course of manufacture. Currently, the developer is trying to formulate the requirements of aircraft to the conversion engine. However, this problem is very complex, because the conditions of the air, especially at takeoff, and automobile engines are very different, the director of the company.

A.Tantsyrev said earlier, in the summer of 2011 received a certificate of a single instance of an aircraft EMU number 3742/11 and the registration number. The aircraft is a modern complex avionics with two electronic indicators that display navigation and setting the parameters of the engine and systems. After finishing a small plane would be ready to become a marketable product.

Six-seat amphibious aircraft developed from the beginning of the 2000s, the Moscow company "Aviatik-Alliance." The aircraft is designed to carry five passengers or cargo weight of 400 kg. Maximum take-off weight of the aircraft, amphibious — 2200 kg. Cruising speed — 200 km / h Ferry range — 2100 km. The maximum duration of the flight — 10.5 hours.

The aircraft has two piston-cylinder petrol engines of the Czech production M332S. Take-off power of each of them is 170 hp Cruising power — 127.5 hp Specific fuel consumption at cruising flight — 216 g / Engine weight — 122 kg.

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