Completed for filling the gas pipeline Nord Stream

Today in St. Petersburg OJSC "Gazprom" has held a meeting on the design and construction of the North-West of the country’s gas pipelines "Ukhta — Torzhok", "Fixes — Griazovets", "Gryazovets — Vyborg", "NTR — Torzhok" linear compressor stations and Expansion Griazovets gas transmission hub.

The gas supply to the "Nord Stream" gas pipeline will be "Gryazovets — Vyborg." Its length is 900 km, the design capacity — 55 billion cubic meters. meters of gas. The gas pipeline runs along the Vologda and Leningrad regions. For the linear part of the pipe used Russian producers, as well as the armature of a new generation of domestic production.

compressor station "Port" pipeline "Gryazovets-Vyborg"


Currently completed test "under pressure" for the installation of gas treatment required "Nord Stream". Filling is scheduled for September this year and is a necessary step before the process of a gas preparation for transport and gas-pumping units (GPU) that will ensure the delivery of gas to customers.


According to the press service, "filling the pipeline is necessary technological step before starting a gas preparation for transport and gas-compressor units, which will ensure the delivery of gas to consumers."

The department explained that "at this point in the pipeline" Gryazovets — Vyborg "continued building of the linear part of looping (the pipeline with the trip and switching devices that run parallel to the main water crossing sections of the route)."

"In the pipeline" Fixes — Griazovets "YTD welded and trenched 346.8 km linear part", — the press-service. "With the 300 km, construction of which was completed last year, it is almost 100 per cent of the total length of the gas pipeline," — added there.

In the "Gazprom" also made it clear that "the continued construction of compressor stations (CS)" Sindorskaya "," Urdomskaya "," Nyuksenitskaya ", which will be included in the main gas pipeline" NTR — Torzhok. "

On the eve of a group of specialists of "Gazprom", headed by the chairman of the company Alexander Ananenkov visited the construction site of the COP "Port" which is located on the coast of the Baltic Sea near the city of Vyborg, Leningrad Oblast.


As a result of specialized subdivisions, subsidiaries and contracting organizations are tasked to timely implementation of projects in the North-West of Russia in a timely manner.

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