Completed test birotativnogo propfan engine

haul aircraft


Experts in aerodynamics, acoustics, and durability of the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute. NE Zhukovsky (TsAGI) completed the testing of the model open birotativnogo (coaxial) propfan advanced engines for long-haul aircraft. As the press service of the Institute, the project was designed propfan FSUE "CIAM" them. PE Baranov. Model test was made in TSAGI and tested in wind tunnels T-104 and T-107. Work was carried out for the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. The purpose of the tests was to investigate the aerodynamic and acoustic characteristics propfan on landing and cruising flight at Mach 0 … 0.8. Modes of operation propfan simulated at different flight speeds and rotation of the blades, such full-scale modes, and by changing the angles of the blades. New research and development of aircraft engine capacity of 10-20 thousand kW birotativnymi propfans offers the potential to create long-haul aircraft with a greater reduction of fuel consumption and noise on the ground.

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