Completed testing kriostaticheskuyu strength RN Angara

  • In the PCF "SIC RCP" ended test kriostaticheskuyu strength structural elements PH "Angara"

In the PCF "SIC RCP" (paragraph Remmash) has successfully completed qualification tests on the strength of structural members kriostaticheskuyu PH "Angara" (product A5A2S — build number A13) making FSUE "GKNTSP them. MV Khrunichev."

The purpose of the test assembly was a confirmation number A13 strength accelerator sections III stage of the launch, as well as individual components design PH "Angara" 3A and 5A when exposed to stress at all stages — from transportation to the launch pad launch vehicle to the maximum aerodynamic pressures and in-flight separation of the stages. 

Altogether provereno19 Calculated cases including at cryogenic temperatures. The maximum load in determining the axial stiffness amounted to 270 mc, the determination of the flexural rigidity — up to 220 SCI, when loaded tank "O" design pressure — up to 7.2 atm. Control of strains and stresses in the assembly design number A13 was carried out using a multi-channel strain measurement.

Tests carried out in full in accordance with the specifications. Visual inspection confirmed that the build number A13 withstood the test was successful. The final results will be determined after the treatment received during the test measurement results.


You can enjoy — the next (and very important) step of creating Russia fully rocket successfully passed.




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