Completed testing of a new marine diesel 11D42 for a special purpose ship project 18280


At the Kolomna plant completed interdepartmental tests (MVI) experienced diesel 11D42, developed and produced to order CDB "Iceberg" for a special purpose ship project 18280 Russian Navy.

The eight-cylinder diesel 11D42 dimension 30/38 2000 kW diesel is a part-geared set 5DRA. Main propulsion ship project 18280 includes 2 diesel geared 5DRA unit and is designed to operate at variable pitch propeller, provides a seamless set of partial capacity to nominal mode, without reloading.

The structure 5DRA also includes:
gear production of "The Star"
electronic digital control system manufactured by NPO "Aurora".
In addition, the unit has an interactive diagnostic tools, technical guidance, training, and personnel training ship. At present, the construction and preparation of a special bench for testing 5DRA.

According to the chairman of the interdepartmental commission Victor Kazennova, the further development of technical solutions that are embedded on diesel 11D42, Kolomna plant will diversify its offer in the Russian shipbuilding market.

MM confirmed the compliance of the performance 11D42 requirements specification of the customer. 11D42 interdepartmental tests completed with positive results, as confirmed by the decision of the interdepartmental commission. The engine is recommended for serial production.

Construction of the ship of the project 18280 is "Shipbuilding Plant" Severnaya Verf ".

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