Completed testing of the first sector of the radar Voronezh-M

In the Irkutsk region has successfully completed the first sector of the state tests the radar of high operational readiness (RLS CEV) "Voronezh-M", said the management of external communications of "RTI".

 "During the tests confirmed the tactical and technical characteristics of the radar complex, providing effective solutions for the automatic detection, tracking and motion parameters of the definition of ballistic missiles and space objects" — said in a statement obtained by "Interfax" Thursday.

According to him, "in the real world demonstrate the possibility to control the south-east of the strategic directions, including a full-scale work on the observation of ballistic missiles."

According to the newspaper VIEW, formerly the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin said that the Defense Ministry should keep under review the issues related to the development of infrastructure Forces Aerospace Defense.

"In the near future to be put into operation two new radars — in Armavir and Irkutsk, and by 2020 it is necessary to complete the implementation of the Plan the deployment of military and space defense", — Putin said.

According to information of "RTI", most of the work at the site of deployment and installation of the first sector VZG radar near Irkutsk is made in the period from June to October 2011. The first airing was held October 30, 2011, preliminary tests — in June 2012, and the state tests — in September 2012.

"The history of the objects ballistic missile defense does not know of such paces radars involved in the national system of missile warning," — said in a statement.

According to him, when the first sector radar system fully implemented the principle of high operational readiness used to create a similar plant in the Leningrad region (Lekhtusi).

The report notes that the primary structural element of the new generation of radar — "radio-electronic systems, which are designed using the most modern technical solutions, the latest technology and hardware components." These electronic systems are developed by specialists of the Institute of Radio Engineering Academician AL Mints, a member of JSC "RTI".

A complete set of radio-electronic complex is made at the factory and was functional refinement and testing as part of the basic functional complex deployed at RTI Academician AL Mints and on the premises of the Centre complex docking and test the radar of high operational readiness (RLS CEV-M), said in the message.

"Center complex docking and testing radar CEV-M — a high-tech research and production base, which has no analogues in the domestic practice of creating objects ballistic missile defense" — are reported according to the chief designer of the radar VZG — Deputy General Director of RTI Academician A. Mints Vladimir Shustov.

"The equipment is utilized RFCs production plants of cooperation" RTI ". This year, completed a second set of equipment manufacturing sector RFCs "Voronezh-M". Research and production enterprise of our cooperation is also ready to start production of new sets of radar VZG type "Voronezh" planned for placement on the southern and northern strategic areas "- are reported according to the executive director of the Division" Military solutions "- Deputy General Designer of" RTI "Vyacheslav Lobuzko.

Earlier it was reported that in 2012, a group of designers radar high operational awarded the State Prize of Russia in the field of science and technology.

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