Completed testing of the Russian Elbrus-S processor


Decisions of the Commission who conducted the acceptance of chip Elbrus-S test chip and KPI are allowed to start the production of serial samples of chips and used equipment for production models of weapons and military equipment, as well as data-processing and control systems in industrial applications. In December 2010, the Company completed MCST: acceptance of the processor chip Elbrus-S, state test chip, the state tests 4-CPU MV3S / C based on the chip Elbrus-S.
MV3S modules / C Commission recommended to be used as computational tools in advanced weapons and military equipment. The architecture of the Elbrus supported on Linux kernel 2.6.14 on a standard and real-time versions. Supported library glibc 2.7 and a set of standard tools, also has a graphical environment based on the Xorg server version 6.9.0 with several window managers. Ported a large set of applications. Currently, we are working to support the kernel 2.6.33 and latest version of Xorg.
Of development tools are supported: an optimizing compiler of its own design (compatible with gcc 3.4.6) for the languages C, C + +, Fortran, debugger gdb, profiling tool gprof. The compiler supports native modes and cross-compiling.

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