Completed the installation of supports special passage through Zey in the Amur region

The group of companies "Indastek" completed installation of transitional support through the river. Zeya in the Amur region. The works were made in the context of the construction of the 500 kV "Zeya HPP — Amur". Construction Customer — JSC "FGC UES".

Unique operation at a height of nearly 30-story building completed Energostroitel. Special transmission length was 2,275 thousand meters, the height of piers — 96 meters. Currently, work is continuing on the preparation of the tension wires above the river. It is planned that will be mounted six wires (two conductors per phase) and two fiber-optic cable, which also function as ground wire, a total weight of 50 tons.

Recall that the existing line 500 from the power plant to the substation "Amur" was built over 30 years ago. The new power line will be a big bandwidth, plus it will serve as a further guarantee of security of supply Amur consumers. Overhead is being built as part of the project for construction of 500 kV power bridge Zeya HPP — Amur — the state border with a total length of over 510 km.

The project is a large-scale export of electricity from Russia to China, during which performed the construction of special passage, aimed at the development of strategic cooperation between the two countries in the field of electric power, upgrading and improving the reliability of the power system of the Russian Far East.

Implementation of the project contributes to the Amur region of modern energy infrastructure, increase production and export of high-tech products with a high degree of processing, more efficient use of power generation capacity, the development of the systemic linkages between the energy of the Far East and North-East Asia.

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