Completed the manufacture of equipment for the modernization of thermal power plants Zuyevskaya

In January 2012, "Turboatom" produced low-pressure rotor — the latest equipment for the turbine K-300-240 unit number 4 Zuyevskaya TPP.


The rotor was balanced and accepted by the customer. Equipment is ready for shipment.

The output unit out of service for repairs is scheduled for March 2012, by which time all equipment will be delivered to the installation site.

The contract for the modernization of "Turboatom" and the company "Eastenergo" signed in May 2010. By its terms, the plant will replace the unit K-300-240-2 with manufacturing low-pressure cylinder new generation. After the reconstruction of the power unit will increase by 25 MW, efficiency will increase by 3%.

This is the third unit Zuyevskaya TPP, which modernizes "Turboatom": in December 2009, was put on the updated turbine unit number 1 in November 2008 — on the block number 2. In December 2010, the company signed a contract for the reconstruction of block number 3, to be launched in July 2013.

FAQ:  All four blocks Zuyevskaya TPP 1970 installed turbine K-300-240 unit capacity of 300 MW of OJSC "Turboatom".

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