Completed the preparatory work for the construction of the Lower Bureyskaya plant


Completed the preparatory phase of the construction of Lower Bureyskaya plant, established infrastructure. Constructed building of administrative and management of the complex, concrete and mineral processing facilities, the base of KCD, substation, paved road to the alignment of the power plant to the bridge over the river Doldykan, temporary road between the building site, quarries and other objects. MTS has provided reliable communications, paving the fiber-optic line length of 15 km. Prepared housing for engineers and shift workers. All infrastructure facilities provided with electricity, heat and water supply systems. Time is now actively working on the preparation of the basic structures of the pit, to the design of marks held dumping his jumper. In February 2013 it is planned to finish installing anti-system, without which the drainage ditch.

Builders Lower Bureyskaya deployed full-scale power plant concrete works in the excavation of the new gidroenergokompleksa the spring of 2013. At the beginning of January to the construction contractor sent units — JSC "Trust" Gidromontazh. "Their mission — to put on a major buildings, more than 80 thousand cubic meters of concrete, rock work to make a volume of 500 thousand cubic meters.

This was reported by Itar-Tass expert on public relations of "Lower Bureyskaya plant" Irina Korenyuk on the outcome of the meeting in Novobureysky, which analyzed the results of the work already done.

Start of construction of the Lower Bureyskaya GES gave Vladimir Putin in August 2010, laying the symbolic first cubic meter of concrete in the body of the future dam hydraulic complex in ten km from the village Novobureysky. This power pack is constructed as a counter regulator Bureyskaya largest hydroelectric power station. Below freezing, ice-hole Bureyskaya hydropower dam stretches for 80 km. In operation, the "senior" of the station at full capacity, water will flow over the ice, threatening settlements. Reservoir "youngest" power plant to avoid such problems. A system of two stations ensures greater stability and reliability of power supply in the region.

On the Lower Bureyskaya hydropower provided by the draft assembly of the four hydraulic units with a total installed capacity of 320 MW

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