Composites are gaining popularity

On Thursday, March 1st, at Crocus Expo completed anniversary exhibition "Composite Expo".  Stand holding "Composite" attracted by at least one-fifth of all visitors to the annual event of the loudest of the domestic industry composites.

The exhibition "Composite Expo" held for the fifth consecutive year. This time it was placed on the area of more than 2.6 thousand square meters. It was attended by more than 5,000 professionals. At the "Composite Expo" featured more than 70 companies from the composite industry.

Stand holding company "Composite" has taken center stage at the show. Head of advertising holding company "Composite" Elena Sakharov said that the company’s stand presented various end products of carbon fiber: "For example, parts of the car, the winged flap is entirely made of carbon fiber and carbon fiber visitors favorite dolls, racing paddles, elastostop for disabled . Another exhibit — fragment beams, pasted carbon cloth. It demonstrates the advantages of carbon fabric in construction to strengthen the supporting structures. "

The representative of the subsidiary company "Composite Products" Nikolay Khlebnikov said that the great popularity enjoyed by the stand flap WIG: "I can not lift this flap, 4 meters long, with one hand. Thanks to carbon fiber, it’s incredibly easy. "

According to Nikolai Khlebnikov, throughout the three-day exhibition on the stand "Composite" was besieged by visitors: "People are literally lining up to get advice from our experts. They were interested in everything from the issues that such composites to determine the technical parameters of the complex. " Already in the first two days of the exhibition booth guests "Composite" disassembled all the leaflets about the company and products in the amount of 800 pieces. By the most conservative estimates can be said that the stand holding "Composite" visited by at least one-fifth of the visitors’ Composite Expo. "



"Visitors to our stand also attracted by the possibility of creating their own development of end products of carbon fiber," — added the specialist Elena Sakharov. However, she said, small businesses have a whole set of problems related to the lack of necessary equipment and possession of carbon composite manufacturing technology products. "

Project manager for the establishment of the Nanotechnology Center composites Anton Dubrovin told that aims to address this problem Nanocenter, which will provide engineering services to small innovative companies.

According to Nikolai Khlebnikov, part of the holding in the exhibition "Composite Expo" has not only achieve the effect of promoting the industry uglekompozitov in Russia, but also to attract new partners: "The impression that people in Russia have really started to take an interest in carbon fiber reinforced plastics industry. Together with our other partner Rolf Dotagenom, "Composite Products" took a job in five promising projects, some of them have a federal program. "


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