Composites in the repair of nuclear facilities

Composites holding "Composite" repaired another engineering object in the nuclear industry — FNPC FSUE "PA" Start "in Zarechnyj. There were conducted strengthening support structures plant affected by the fire.

In late July, the company completed renovation of State Corporation "Rosatom" — FNPC FSUE "PA" Start " in Zarechnyj. The object of repair work — concrete building, which in the period of operation has been established electroplating.

Due to a fire in the building at high temperatures has been a significant destruction of concrete structures: beams, girders, columns. Needed to restore the carrying capacity of structures.

Reinforcement of beams, girders, columns, areas of overlap were conducted using The reinforcement system Carbon ribbons FibARM, developed by holding "Composite". The technology is designed for the repair and strengthening of building structures. It allows you to eliminate the consequences of the destruction of concrete and reinforcement corrosion due to prolonged exposure to the elements and hostile environments in the operation of buildings.Duration of repairs at the facility FNPC FSUE "PA" Start "using tape-based carbon fiber was 1.5 months, with the traditional method of the forecast period is a minimum of 2.5 months.

"It was completely rebuilt bearing capacity of the columns and ceilings of the second floor with no additional load on the foundation," — said the head of the introduction of polymer composite materials in the nuclear industry holding company "Composite" Eugene Rafailov.

The works were carried out in the framework of the "Implementation Program polymer composite materials at nuclear industry", approved by the Director General of the State Corporation "Rosatom" Sergei Kiriyenko in July 2011

At the same time, work is underway at FSUE "PA" Mayak "(Ozersk), home of the strengthening of reinforced concrete pipe 40 meters using carbon rods and The carbon-reinforced shotcrete. Repair at the FSUE "PA" Mayak "will end in September.

The first enterprise of "Rosatom", where for the repair and reconstruction have been applied composite materials based carbon fibers was Highland Engineering Works, which is part of "fuel elements". The company is engaged in the production of gas centrifuges to enrich uranium, which is necessary for the operation of nuclear reactors, nuclear power plants.

At the facility was required to gain slabs of one of the shops. Because of the systematic leaking roof has undergone substantial corrosion of reinforcement slabs — they are no longer required to carry the load. It was necessary to strengthen and restore the carrying capacity of structures. A significant challenge was that the job shop could not be stopped.

Repairs carried out by an external reinforcement of damaged beams and slabs strips of carbon fiber. This method allowed us to carry out repair work without interruption and with a significant reduction in time and labor costs. Work was carried out for 1.5 months from mid-February to late March.

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