Comprehensive training in the desert successfully completed (photos)


At the Baikonur Cosmodrome successfully completed training on the practical working out of action crews of astronauts after landing in a desert area

Three conditional crew, which included test-cosmonauts Sergei Prokop’ev Roscosmos, Ivan Wagner, Sergei Kud-crickets, Denis Matveev, Nikolai Tikhonov, the candidates for test-cosmonauts Alexei Khomenchuk, Andrey Babkin, as well as instructors, Vladimir Korshunov and Alexei Shoroshim alternately around the clock during the seven days were training in an environment where the temperature ranged from +42? C during the day to +26? C at night.

All stages of the training took place under the supervision of experienced instructors, doctors and psychologists test and training teams Cosmonauts Training Center. Yuri Gagarin.  

In accordance with cyclogram training all members of the contingent crews worked the steps for selecting the campsite, deploy portable emergency (freeze-dried food, water, signal ammunition, knife, compass, etc.), construction of the primary cover with a parachute descent module, and lodgements portable emergency, basic shelter, as well as the collection of water by condensation.

Doctors monitor the progress of training, rate the crews of both operational and competent. Results of exercise test and a training team summed up the meeting, which took place after a medical and psychological examination of the astronauts. According to officials of training the crew to cope with the tasks at a high level and get "credit".

Crews during training in extreme conditions acquired essential survival skills — technical training, work in the isolated group, the ability to rationally allocate water supplies, navigate and move around the desert and to interact effectively with search-and-rescue by using the radio and lighting equipment.

The need for survival rate for astronauts in various climatic and geographical areas became apparent after flying in 1965 Pavel Belyaev and Alexei Leonov. When you return to Earth originated emergency situation, and the crew was forced to land in the "manual" mode in the Ural taiga. After this incident, the preparation included training astronauts action following contingency landing. Cosmonauts are taught to overcome the stress associated with the fact of an emergency landing, assist the injured colleagues, to organize the interaction with the search and rescue service, unmask the area and preserve the life and health in a stressful environment for at least 48 hours.




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