Compressed air against dust

Brand Konoos introduced a novelty in the current line of cleaning products for the digital technology — non-contact spray cleaner Konoos KAD-300.

Spray is designed for removing dust, lint and small debris from hard to reach places and with different delicate surfaces, whether the objective lens, the computer or keyboard, film or slides.

Konoos KAD-300 is the solution to remove dust on the lens, telescopes, microscopes and binoculars, to cleanse buildings, laptops, netbooks, keyboards, cell phones, printers, scanners, etc. The use of tools allows you to avoid many of the problems in the operation of computer hardware, which often arise from the dust. 

Spray Konoos KAD-300 is useful in every modern home, and we have done everything possible to bring to market high-quality and affordable products. So, Konoos KAD-300 is produced in Russia, which could substantially reduce the cost. The air should not be expensive! The product turned out several times cheaper than similar offerings on the market. The suggested retail price Konoos KAD-300 is only 189 rubles. 

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