Compressed air will produce

Energy forging plant OJSC "KAMAZ-Metallurgy" implement a major project to reduce the cost of software production of compressed air. The enterprise is organized and put into operation a local compressor station, on the basis of compressors and air dryers Swedish concern Atlas Copco.


Creating a compressor station at the forge plant — is part of a larger project of "KAMAZ" to transfer the plants to the production of an autonomous air. Before the start of KAMAZ enterprises were on a centralized software. Thus the parent company hopes to reduce costs associated with the generation and transport of air, and also to improve its quality. Plants Atlas Copco already working at the car factory, the engine plant, and now the blacksmith has at its disposal compressors and air dryers.

According to Alexander Salnikov, deputy chief engineer of the blacksmith repair plant, the level of noise and handling the equipment deserves the highest ratings. For comparison, three compressor manufacturing Atlas Copco, can supply a 45,000 cubic meters of air per hour and are much quieter than the one Penza compressor capacity 2,000 cubic meters per hour.

Besides good sound insulation and compressors, air dryers and meet such requirements as security, continuity of work, reliability, and low power consumption. And most importantly, they are able to produce and deliver high-quality compressed air, ie dry air. According to the experts, it seriously affects the condensate safety equipment. Having started in the compressor station and having worked in the off-line a little more than two weeks, at the forge plant reported a decline in equipment failures related to poor-quality compressed air.

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