Concern Constellation created for the MOE device for measuring the thickness of the ice

In anticipation of spring melting of ice Emergency departments began receiving for field testing the first samples of portable radar to measure ice thickness "Pikor-Ice", which have no analogues in Russia. It is created by JSC "Design office of experimental work" ("KBOR"), Which is part of the concern"Constellation. "

The Centre for Information and Public Relations Group, together with representatives of Ministry of Emergency Situations of the field testing of the device is fully confirmed its effectiveness to ensure the safety of people and vehicles when moving along the surface of the frozen bodies of water and ice crossings.


Today, the main way to measure the thickness of ice on ponds — drilling wells, which is difficult and up to 5 minutes. time, and ultrasonic thickness gauge is working in direct contact with the surface of the ice and the ice thickness up to 30 cm These and other shortcomings has no radar "Pikor-Ice", the action of which is based on the use of low-power short radio pulses and the formation of the radio based on the reflected signals.


The software allows you to measure the thickness of the ice or in a designated point on the route of movement with reference to the coordinates, and analyze the structure of ice. According to the information of "KBOR", February 4, 2012 on the basis of the State Inspectorate for Small Vessels (GIMS) Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations on Pirogov Reservoir (Moscow reg.), The device has proven its capabilities. The paper "Pikor-Ice" is based on the technology of pulse sounding of the ice cover and the subsequent receipt of the media radarogram air-ice, ice-water and water-soil.

Radar is used by the operator to move on the ice surface or is in the vehicle, which conducts non-contact measurements of ice thickness and other parameters while driving on a designated route. The undoubted advantages of radar — long work by a rechargeable battery, ease, portability and ease of use, and full security for the people, as it radiated power hundreds of times smaller than a cell phone or a Wi-Fi router.

According to experts, the radar "Pikor-Ice" will be in demand not only in the interests of the Russian power (MOE, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defense, Road Service) but also civil (in fisheries, energy, etc.) structures, but also in the market of civil products. As the General Director of JSC "KBOR" VV Simakov, the volume of production demanded by the instrument may be in the thousands of pieces, as only officially today in Russia operate at least 1,000 ice crossings.



Key Features Radar "Pikor-Ice": the measured ice thickness — up to 2 m (can be extended), the measurement accuracy — 1 cm, the battery life — 4 hours, overall dimensions — 344 x 166 x 20 mm, weight — 1.5 kg, up time — 1 min. 

Set the radar "Pikor-Ice" includes a radar unit with a USB-cable, power processing and visualization based on a standard tablet computer, a device mounting. At the request of the Customer block processing and visualization can be made on the basis of a frost-protected computer performance.

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