Concern RUSELPROM will supply equipment for power plants of the Republic of Cuba

Russian Electro concern "RUSELPROM" signed a contract with the Cuban company "energy imports» (Energoimport) for the supply of equipment for the modernization of thermal power stations of the Republic of Cuba. The total contract amount of more than 13 million rubles.


The bulk of the equipment to be supplied within six months the Cuban side, pumps and motors are manufactured by the Leningrad and Safonovsky Electric plants belonging to the group "RUSELPROM." Deliveries will be organized in the first half of 2012.

Conclusion of the contract was preceded by talks with Cuban partners during the 4th Joint Business Council meeting Russia and Cuba, held 11-13 July 2011 in Havana. The delegates of the forum of the two countries have rated the current state of Russian-Cuban economic relations, recovering from the crisis, and discussed the terms and conditions for the supply of Russian equipment for the modernization of key sectors of the Cuban industry.

A year earlier, the delegation of concern "RUSELPROM" held a meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Basic Industry of the Republic of Cuba, which resulted in the signing of a memorandum of cooperation. In 2008-2011 concern "RUSELPROM" was included in the approved by the Government of the Republic of Cuba supplier lists the sugar, nickel industry, metallurgy and energy sector. "Energy Revolution Program, implemented in Cuba, is inherently linked to the achievement of high performance in energy saving, — said the manager of the export concern" RUSELPROM "Carlos Manuel Perez Sabina. — Concern "RUSELPROM" Cuban partners willing to provide energy-efficient products and solutions that will help in achieving the objectives of the program, the estimated annual savings in the energy sector at the level of $ 1 billion. "

Among the promising areas of concern "RUSELPROM" in Cuba also includes the supply of equipment, primarily energy efficiency standard motors 7 Series for the chemical and food processing, cement manufacturing, construction, mining and production of non-ferrous metals. Import-export company in the field of electric power facilities ("energy imports") is a public company representing the Government of the Republic of Cuba in all matters of procurement of equipment abroad.

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