Congratulated veterans. Zadornov

Journalist friend of mine recently interviewed the head of one of Moscow’s control. She asked him what was in his district was made for veterans for the anniversary of the Victory. He replied, "Well, what do you have not been warned in advance that you will ask about it? I would know what has been done … ".

In other council decided to give veterans a holiday food packages. When the veterans came for the promised turned out that each set weighs 16 kg. In response to a request to help with the delivery, it was said, ‘You can not, do not take. Our job is to give. The delivery of our funds are not allocated. " When our gallant old men looked inside bags of food, they saw there … carrots, potatoes, beets and cabbage left over from last season. Due to the Veterans unloaded vegetable base! Businessmen rid of stale goods they bought this item bureaucrats for getting kickbacks, and put a "tick" in the list of "good" … for Veterans Affairs!

Still in the same area before the holiday telephoned all veterans and asked to come for a gift. Were promised a few jars of jam, butter, shampoo and caviar. Set certainly strange … But the gift was not heavy, and the size was no more than a palm. How did it fit so much? The fact that the shampoo had pods — sets of hotels and jams, Tiny boxes oil — from aircraft supply. And really had a jar of caviar — at 65 "birthday" of eggs in each!

Why do I mention these examples? They are very accurately describe what happened here in Russia before the 9th of May. Portraits of Veterans hung in the streets, all speak kind words to our heroes and congratulate them … Invite a television show. A fragment of such a transfer: to the stage, I’m sorry for that ugly word "celebrities" (invited celebrities), and in the hall were veterans. What sort of unscrupulous modern steel producers! Glamorous TV presenter with pouty lips (as if kissing her passionately anteater!) Generously veterans corny clichéd congratulations. They did not even smile in return. Apparently, when they agreed to participate, did not imagine how much they will be uncomfortable. One operator told me how the veterans before such surveys are dressed in jackets unworn (they in fact can be seen in the picture), and on their feet they are their own worn-out shoes. On numerous television shows sponsors, fat and grant doroguschy any gifts tyutelnyh heroines, such as "Miss Chest", "Miss Compromise", "Miss Zashibis." A veteran of three carnations enough, rent a jacket and a set of false words. After the shooting, however, be asked to jackets — for the next guest — a veteran. Well, at least do not need to return the cloves.

TV programs reflect the attitude of our state to their heroes. On the anniversary of the Victory over the veterans were promised an apartment. A good thing, though a bit awkward to hear that in 2010, the apartment will be given to those who won the 45th … It seems that our government had expected when the veterans would be less … And here comes the veteran of the applicable authority, and he said "Apartments not. President promised you? Though he gives! Can your give away! And we have an apartment on the plan will be to the 2020th, go! "It remains to add," If you will live. "

I received a letter from a disabled war Golovinova Pavel Ivanovich of the Novosibirsk region. He 89 years old and he still does not have his apartment. Officials chase him on his bureaucratic vicious circle. One would like to occasionally send a sms to our president, "Dmitry Anatolyevich! Try for once to get the bureaucratic morass to do what you just promise. Maybe you are looking to turn their clever words into action? Maybe even a special experience of pleasure, and want someone else to really help? It’s time to start proving a matter that you have some power, not only grammatically correct speech.

And the words of something to say welcome to the address of our winners, not all turned out. A senior official has issued the air: "Dear veterans, I congratulate you on the glorious victory!" It seems to have confused with the players,

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