Congratulations, man!

Various men roam the world. Just two words — on this one. First, men are real. There is a very interesting, just brilliant. There is a foot-and-a-match. There are heavyweights. There are very serious. And it is simple to hang. [Cut] men-bad-ass, male nerds, Men restaurants. male pribludy. There supermuzhchiny. There are hedgehogs in shorts. There are strange uncle and master of sports. There is moronic. There are academics Men pragmatists, male controversy. There is a big letter. There is a large number. There is no waiting rhyme-married man and not man-for-what!, Male, always feeding coat. There classmates have classmates, Men — saviors of men — and the ever-alluring defenders sleeping next man can inspire a glance. And just the end of everything — the boy-A student, Muzhchinka accountant, Vasek border guard. But no two identical in the world. Something we learned in this subject. Soft and naive male pillows, assumes Casanova heresy to you in your ear, very predictable and family man of seventy courage to be ideological. Man-you would get jealous just no way lag behind man-scab all the time varies man-sine. And there is his plus-minus guy. The ideal is — a huge heart. The soul of the latch — the old pepper Awful male misty-eyes beautiful man-sleepless night. The peasant-grandfather — a simple nature. And an athlete — a big figure. In the eyes of half the country from the boy-student. Desire to quit — the super agent. In bowers conversation — the boy-pentameter. But the sweetness of victory — with a male-stamp Lead the men themselves differently. We’ve been something from them navidalisya. With the dawn of man to raise alarm, A glutton climbed at night in the fridge. Of snow from the rain, the hail will hide nasty, but the necessary man-roofing material. Deprive you of reason man-ladies’ man. In place of supply man-flourishes. Make repent boy atheist, dragged off into the forest you man-roader. Man-butt burns with passion. Erased from the memory of man-eraser. Here’s our Don Juan somewhere faded. Man-at once why we changed? What do you need a man who does not know where or why he is leaving now? Dokol will incite us to deeds of men coming to us to make concessions? Stuck, like in the jungle, in the words of impenetrable, We are looking for a gentle you who are calling and passionate man, a hero and a way out of boredom, young man, feast and strong-arm men Have more to us — good and different! Less talkative, foolish and idle! Note on behalf of the women of the Earth: We have to do everything we could! We are mothers, lovers, sisters, girlfriends, Drugs and children, dreams and wife. You — our protection, robust shoulders, deep thoughts, fiery speeches. You — the pride of victory. You — the keys to the heart. You — the stones at the windows, you — the songs in the night. You know, this is great, though not easy, to captivate eternally gloomy man-to-space, spit on his bald head to the peasant and the fig-set rustling across the Premier League. Do not lay down in bed with a man-book, leave-piece boy’s girlfriends, his highest happiness — to jump up in the night hearing the bell man Tamagotchi.

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