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Artificial intelligence technology, developed by Russian engineer Vladimir Veselov, won the competition algorithms for passing the Turing test,

  • Vladimir Veselov
  • Vladimir Veselov

reports Celeste Beaver(Celeste Biever) — Scientific Officer portal, speaking with one of the judges of the competition. The competition was held at Bletchley Park in the London suburb of the centennial of the birth of the idea of the author of the test — mathematics and cryptography Alan Turing(Alan Turing). Organizers of the event say that it was the biggest of all time.

The essence of the Turing test is that the judge communicates through a text interface to a real person and a computer program. Based on the answers to the questions he has to determine who is the man of the interlocutors and who the program. It is believed that the program passed the test if 30% of cases the judge she made a mistake and accept yourself for the person. Because the software is usually gives the answer faster than a human, the correspondence is done through controlled intervals.

The competition was attended by over 30 judges who tried to distinguish artificial intelligence platform 5 of 25 hidden people also communicating through chat. A total of 150 interviews, and 29% of these judges have made Russian chat bot per person. Second place in the competition took a chat bot JFred, third — Cleverbot, and the other two bots participating in the competition, were UltraHal and Elbot.

Chat bot Russian origin (you can talk to him on thelink) Is presented in the form of 13-year-old boyEugene Gustmanfrom Odessa. Competition judge noted that, unlike his rivals, imitating people, Vladimir Veselov has given its own distinct personality bot. So, Gustman is a guinea pig, and his father is a gynecologist.

Age for a chat bot was also chosen by chance: "thirteen is not too old to know everything, but not too young to know nothing," — says the creator.

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