Connecting two historic times, strategic reconciliation red and white in the face of the liberal threat — it is a huge ideological problem of the true statesmen

7-8 September in the city of Pskov region Izborsk was a constituent meeting of the club patriotic experts and political leaders, which was called "Izborsko the club." The project brought together political scientists, philosophers, social activists, journalists, clergy, share the idea of strengthening Russian statehood. Club members are going to discuss actual problems of modern development, the future of the most important projects, including the construction of a Eurasian Union.

Commenting on the conference, the initiator of the project, the chief editor of the patriotic newspaper "Tomorrow" Alexander Prohanov said: "The ensemble of these people who came here, ready to work on the creation of the state ideology, which has helped the state to fit into any meaningful traditional ideological framework, and, based on these ideas about the future of Russian, to carry out their policies. It may be that will create conceptual designs. This is a very complicated procedure. It is an ideological, political, military, economic. Here's a project can be created with the recommendations, and these recommendations will be put on the table to the political leadership, and I think it will have a practical effect. "

We offer our readers the "Eurasia" Manifesto of the founding fathers "Izborsk club."

* *

The Russian state has once again exposed the deadly threat posed from the liberal center: within Russian society and beyond. Everything works the same murderous ideology and information "machine", which destroyed all the foundations and values of the "white" of the Romanov empire, and then destroyed all the basic support of the "red" of the Soviet empire, after which both empires fell, turning the great Eurasian space in chaos warring nations, faiths and cultures, in the bloody clashes.

This liberal "machine" was built with the help of anthropologists and historians, social psychologists and experts of "chaos theory", economists and artists of the information wars. She crushes the fundamental principles on which the Eurasian union state. Suppresses the underlying codes of popular consciousness to help people gain the victory and prolong its existence in history.

This Ram "machine" a slap in the Orthodox Church as the spiritual foundation of the people, prevents the defense and army building, making Russia an unarmed at the time of growing military conflicts. Sows discord in a religious assent major Russian religions. Do not allow to overcome the split Russian historical eras. Extends the disastrous Russian turmoil, demonizing the Russian leader, and all the institutions of power.

Participants intelligent "Izborsk Club", the combined national-patriotic beliefs, formulate their own ideas about the meaning of Russian history, the mission of the Russian state, the deep foundations of national identity.

The thousand-year history of the Russian state — is the history of several Eurasian empires that were born, reached an unprecedented peak and descend into a "black hole" from which there seemed to be returning. But the government made a comeback in a different garb, with different historical center, and again repeated the rise and flowering followed by a dip in the gulf. This recurrence, death of the state and the victory over death gives Russian Easter stories in nature, in which the Russian civilization inevitably rises.

First Empire — Kiev-Novgorod. The Second Empire — Muscovy. Third Reich — Romanov. The fourth empire — Soviet. The current Russian state, despite the loss of the great suburbs, is an imperial character. The geopolitics of Eurasia reassembles forcibly wrested space. This is evidenced unveiled Putin "Eurasian project".

Coming Eurasian empire will be a special type of an empire without colonies and the metropolis, where all nations will become imerskoobrazuyuschimi will bear its share of responsibility for the preservation and development of the Empire. Each component of the empire the people will be an invaluable and irreplaceable. Polyphonic structure of the empire could be a structure similar to the Union State of Russia and Belarus.

Russian consciousness inherent idea of a perfect being, the kingdom of justice and goodness. It is living the dream of a "kingdom of heaven", the possibility of building a "paradise on earth". Folk tales, church sermons, all Russian culture and philosophy, "red meaning" of the Soviet state as the supreme principle of justice being human.

Pskov Filofei Elder, author of the theory of "Moscow — the Third Rome", laid on a mission to save the State Russian Orthodoxy as the source of these "heavenly meaning." Today, the Orthodox Church is a precious part of Russian statehood, brings to the earthly life of divine power, filling their family, garrison state institution. It is these divine energies impart Russian Easter character, make her immortal.

Christianity and Islam preach divine justice will form the basis of the Eurasian ideology, will make the Eurasian Union appealing to all of its member nations.

Line of Russian history is broken in several places. The waveguide in which the energy of rolling historical antiquity today is dissected. Leaks occur precious historical substance, so necessary for cultivating the present state of the crystal. Especially tragic gap between the Third and Fourth Empire, between the kingdom of Romanov and Soviet state. As before, society is divided, there is a division between "red" and white ", there is no agreement, so necessary for the modernization and development. Both empires have died under the blows of the liberal "machine" and let liberals and civil peace agreement, which needs so fragile state.

Connecting two historic times, strategic reconciliation "red" and "white" in the face of the liberal threat — it is a huge ideological problem of the true statesmen. Such reconciliation is possible in the light of the mystical Russian Victory in 1945, where the "red" system was prayerful support of all Svyatomuchenikov killed during religious persecution, and the weapons of the "red victory" was the holy Russian weapons. The forthcoming Russian Victory requires unity of the "red" and "white." Requires the establishment of the State in which, in the words of V. Putin will be possible to live a "red" commissars and "white" officers.

The age-old confrontation between Russia and the West, a series of continuous invasion of Russia, not only due to geopolitical contradictions, not only hunting for spaces Russian and Russian resources. Russian messianic consciousness, based on the doctrine of "the earthly paradise", in an ideal existence, to dream of the Orthodox divine justice — all of this is an ideological rejection of Russia, attacks on her faith, culture, historic codes.

The military invasion of Russia — a consequence of the deep hostility and intolerance. Therefore the theme of Russian weapons — a sacred theme for Russia. Russian arms protects not only the city, territory, untold mineral wealth. It protects all religious and cultural way of Russia, Russian all earthly and heavenly sanctuary. Restoration of the military-industrial complex of Russia, destroyed by liberals, is not only a technological problem, but also a religious mission. Russia is hardly necessary hasty political reform, but it needs defense plants and altars.

Loss of historical time, which has gone through Russia after the destruction of the "red" of the empire, the strategic gap between the "liberal" West wants Russia to leap in development. This breakthrough involves "mobilizing project", allowing to concentrate all the resources of the nation to conserve and preserve the sovereignty of the people. Such a "mobilization project" requires strengthening centralism, weakening enemies of development, relying on "the development of the Guards," the disclosure of the people all of the heroic and creative potentials.

The climax of the ideology of the new Russian state is the philosophy of Russian Victory, the doctrine of its inevitability, in which rational historical experience combined with religious submission of the Russian Miracle. The doctrine of the Russian Victory brings together all the preceding reflections on the essence of Russian history and destiny. Becomes the content and meaning in the work of the leader and all citizens.

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