Conquered America: A Russian student received a Little Nobel Prize in the U.S.

The disciple of the 11th class of Sarov was the winner of the international scientific and engineering competition in the United States. "Little Nobel Prize ‘, as in the scientific community is called competition Intel ISEF, Alexander Makarychev got brilliantly defended his idea to use the ternary calculation in computers. The finalists came another student Nizhny Novgorod — Roman Lapin.

Makarychev Alexander (left)

Two of Nizhny Novgorod schoolchildren triumphantly returned from the United States, where the annual Science and Engineering Competition Intel ISEF. The young resident of Sarov Alexander Makarychev and Nizhegorodets Roman Lapin were finalists. The competition was attended by fifteen thousand people from 70 countries.

Alexander Makarychev took fourth prize in the category "Computers" and won the so-called "Little Nobel Prize." He brilliantly defended his research project on the use of the idea of ternary calculation in computers. Work of young programmer was awarded a special nomination of experts in the field of computers.

"The proposed system will allow me to increase to 14-15 times the speed of computers. Now to improve the processor only added to the kernel, but significantly speed up your computer, they can not. Idea I presented in Phoenix, does not belong to me. Invented it in our country long before me, but then unjustly forgotten. I would like to see it reborn. "
Alexander Makarychev, the winner of the contest Intel ISEF.


Back in Nizhny Novgorod, the guys at the center of the media’s attention. In their honor, was followed by a press conference. Guys though unaccustomed to fame, but kept quite confident. They both admitted that the most difficult to prepare for the competition was the English language. If you had to defend projects in their native language, the results could be even better.


"I am very glad that I had the opportunity to participate in this contest, and despite the fact that I did not get any prizes, I’m satisfied. Doubly happy for Sasha — his work has received such a high rating. But I promise that conceited in our plans do not include . contest gave us an extra incentive to continue to learn and develop. "
Roman Lapin, participant Intel ISEF. 

Both pupils are prepared for higher education. In the near future they are waiting for school final exams that cause worry as much international competition.

"Little Nobel Prize" Intel ISEF competition named for good reason. During the 50 years of its 27 winners later became the winners of this Nobel Prize.

"Preparing for the competition was long and difficult. Guys worked on their projects, pulled up parallel to the presentation of their English, in parallel, that they still had to prepare for final exams at school. And it was worth it. They have shown themselves worthy of the fair Intel ISEF, which brings together the real geniuses, those who today are creating the future of our planet. "

Ilya Korshunov, Deputy Minister of Education of the Nizhny Novgorod region, at a press conference  

After passing the school examinations Alexander Makarychev going to enter the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute. Roman Lapin plans to stay in Nizhny Novgorod to attend the High School of General and Applied Physics at the University of Lobachevsky. In addition to the novel physics interested in ecology.

"Now it is important to keep an eye on the boys, such as helping them to develop, not to let to chance — it requires a personal approach. We need to create conditions for them to realize their potential and they would not want to then go to work abroad, in America, for example, the same ".
Vasily Isayev, PhD in physics, SmartNews

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