Conquest of the World — the story of the 1st sub-machine gun

Conquest of the World - The Story of a sub-machine gun

Ultrasound — a submachine gun made the children of Israel, who conquered over time the hearts of many real guys, today is the perfect weapon in close combat class of its own.

As well, it was noticed: Ultrasound — it is not just an ordinary medical diagnosis, and something that will lead you to a fatal lead poisoning.
History of the 1st sub-machine gun begins in the middle of the 20th century, immediately after gaining freedom and independence of Israel. Then what the Israelis were caught freedom, an instrument may be referred to only approximately.

Following the acquisition of statehood that have been made the main universities of power. Made by the Israeli army, urgently needed in a standard military weapons of its own production.

At the end of 1949, the birth took place with a submachine gun "UZI". The Joint Commission of the Israeli army high command and control of the company engaged in the creation of tools «Israel Military Industries» invited the Chief of General Staff of the armed forces of Israel, on a competitive basis to the selection of sub-machine gun new standard for combat readiness of the army, which can be run in a batch creation at Russian factories. The Commission undertook to make out any options for this type of instrument samples, and elect the standard submachine gun that will meet the requirements of mandatory:

— PP caliber cartridge must conform to the standard and to be 9 mm;
— PP rate should be at least accepted for the machine and make more than 500 rounds per minute;
— PP weight should not exceed the weight of similar models from other countries, and should be less than 3.5 kg;
— transfer of fire from single mode to automatic should be very simplistic;
— PP efficiency must meet the standard for automatic weapons "100 meters — single mode, 50 meters — automatic mode."
In the course of the contest were selected by two standard submachine gun — Major Chaim Kara designs and Lieutenant Uziel Gal. Both had a new standard for the time Blowback, known as "the scheme by coasting." Before the creation of PP "UZI" such a scheme is widely used exclusively in the Czechoslovak sub-machine guns "matchlock" designer who was Vaclav Holec.

Standard sub-machine gun Major Chaim Kara, was implemented on the classical assembly shop was inserted in front of the gun handle with a hammer. In field trials submachine gun proved to be totally decent, but could not stand the tests of the desert and very rapidly filled with sand and dust constantly sought treatment, besides the cost of its production would be costly because of the low-tech design.

Conquest of the World - The Story of a sub-machine gun

Field tests of the standard represented by Lieutenant Uziel Galem, were more successful. The standard has been more in the production of a cheap, reliable and durable, and the design itself was more common. Parts of it were produced by only one stamped blow.

Disassemble and reassemble gun cleaning can be almost on weight, collapsible parts only 5.

There is at PP "UZI" another fascinating design feature — located above the barrel device for opening bottles.

Until now, it is not clear whether the standard PP "ultrasound" of its development Uriel Galya or it was a creative work to improve the minds of Czechoslovakia Vaclav Holec.

The title of "U.S." was his thought Chief of Staff Yigal Yadin, although the lieutenant Uziel Gal was against such decision, explaining it by what name tool its naming missed, but the Chief of Staff was able to insist on their own, and said that the "U.S." in Hebrew, "My power," is the best suited submachine gun. That's right, got its name gun-machine gun, whose name is now clear around the world.

Seasoned standards of Russian production began to produce in 1951, the total creation PP "ultrasound" was started in 1953, and in 1955 was adopted by the Israeli army in the service. Most first troops were armed with PP "U.S." were airborne assault division.

The first introduction of a submachine gun in an armed conflict took place in 1955 — was carried out military operations, the Israeli special forces mission against Egyptian police force in Gaza. But worldwide fame PP "UZI" acquired in 1956, after "Kadesh". About and then took the Armed Forces of the Netherlands and Germany on arms gun-gun "UZI".

The new evolution of PP "ultrasound", due to the good and proven technology solutions went towards miniaturization guns. After the departure of the U.S. developer tools Uziel Gal, for the "U.S." took the designer assault rifle Yisrael Galili. Specifically, the so-PP "ultrasound" was closed gate more difficult, but in general it complicated sub-machine gun, but he's got a significantly higher accuracy and reduced wear shutter mechanism.

The abundance of design implementation software "U.S.":

Conquest of the World - The Story of a sub-machine gun

— PP "Mini UZI", the start of production in 1982;

Conquest of the World - The Story of a sub-machine gun

— PP "Micro UZI", the start of production in 1983;

Conquest of the World - The Story of a sub-machine gun

— "US-pistol", the beginning of production 1984 year, There are versions for the civilian population — "UZI carbine" is used in the main population of the United States;

Conquest of the World - The Story of a sub-machine gun

— in southern Africa released a converted PP "Uzi" one hundred percent and increased imperceptibly m
odified construction — «MAG 7".

Produced in the United States own "Vikings", "Ingram" and "Uziaki", made under the brightness of the glory of PP "ultrasound", but in general, the different versions and imitations of world-famous submachine gun majestic and huge number of them, no one seems to think so.
The very regular infantry "UZI", out of production in 2002, but that does not make it the least popular in the world.

The main properties of PP "U.S.":
— weight equipped with PP — 4 kg;
— Weight without magazine — 3.5 kg;
— length with the butt of -650 mm, without stock — 470 mm;
— used cartridge — 9mm standard "Parabellum";
— Rate of Fire — 600 rounds per minute;
— Targeting Range — up to 250 meters;
— ammunition — shop with 25-32-40-64 cartridges, drum stores of ammunition.

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