Console started the year holiday housewarming party in Yalta

The largest developer of the peninsula gave shareholders a regular apartment building. After completing the last year of the commissioning of the multi-storey building on the street. Kalinin in Simferopol, "Console" a new beginning, in 2013 with a holiday housewarming party in Yalta. Elegant seven-story house adorned one of the oldest streets of the southern capital: 37 families received the keys to the apartments in the second stage of luxury apartments on the street. Tauris 

The house on the street Tauris — in the center of Yalta, in a quiet area, a 5-minute walk from the sea — a beautiful example of elegance, sophistication and comfort. Excellent layout make it possible to implement any design project: thanks to this apartment will easily become a comfortable home for a permanent family or gourmet studio for a comfortable stay. The apartments are huge picture windows and an exclusive architectural design — spacious terraces outrigger — add bright colors to life and allow the settlers with maximum comfort to enjoy the opening types of Yalta, the sea and the mountain slopes.

Particular attention is paid to the safety of those who will live in the new apartment: a house built with the stringent requirements for seismic and fire safety (fire hydrants on each landing, the external fire escape, spacious corridors, etc.). If any cataclysms life tenants nothing will threaten.

Ennobled the territory of the complex — closed and guarded. It will provide space for recreation and playground.

During the construction of the art "Console" managed to keep in the courtyard of the 120-year-old cedar of Lebanon. Once upon a time in this noble tree of King Solomon built the Temple in Jerusalem, produced details of the sarcophagus of Tutankhamun and trim elements palaces. Thanks to the developer, members of the Nikitsky Botanical Garden in the courtyard of the street Tauride will be planted young Lebanese cedar — that together with the old handsome give a fragrant, full-bodied sweet smells of healing air of the new tenants of the house.

The seven-story apartment building at Tauris outline resembles a lovely cruise ship: without a doubt, the end point of the trip for all who are on board, will be a happy and comfortable life in Yalta — City of Happiness on the Black Sea coast!

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