Construction of a bridge over Pyakupur (Yamal) is nearing completion

"Where there is a road, there is life" — these words in April 2012, the governor of Yamal Dmitry Kobylkin has started the construction of a bridge across the river Pyakupur. It’s only been 13 months, and the infrastructure facility is almost ready. Car traffic is expected to open in September, before the next freeze-up. 

In spring and autumn the residents of the city Tarko-Sale, Pur district center, remain on the right bank, and the entire area and the railway on the left. Pyakupur can drive around the river, but it’s more than a hundred kilometers of trails for technological gas industry, things will change in the fall, and the distance is much reduced, the length of the bridge half a mile.

Carriageway width — 8 meters. In the day about 6,000 drivers tend to get from one coast to the other. The bridge was built in 17 months, it is two times faster than the norm.


The unique bridge in the Nadym, track, report on the construction of

Reports on the construction of a bridge across the river Nadym March


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