Construction of Moscow metro stage Red Guard — Alma-Ata

The report’s author — Alexander "Russos" Popov


On Thursday, went to the site of SMU-15 on the stretch "Red Guard" — "Alma-Ata" to see how they are doing. In general, all is well. This month, they poured the last monolithic concrete and give tunnels TO-6 for laying tracks and SMU-4 for installation of equipment.

But the process of construction was difficult — a lot of the hassle brought contractors who underwent communication. First, long. And secondly, when you transfer stormwater managed to flood the little pit.

  • (C) Russos, 2011
  • (C) Russos, 2011

1. In the foreground — the dismantling chamber board for LPT.

2. This issue remains of the TBM, which took place right tunnels.

3. Future ventshahta.

4. Working moments.

5. Metrostroevets.

6. LPT. There is already being installed routes.

7. Last stope on concrete for SMU-15.

8. Camera Congresses CER Zamoskvoretskaya line.

9. She is.

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